Is my plant growing okay?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Lockman420, Oct 7, 2016.

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    So this is my first grow. My plant is 5 weeks old(from seed) and seems to be growing side ways. It just seem like the leaves are just stacking against each other. Everything I've read says the plant needs light penetration. Also I'm putting my plant into a 3x3 tent and need to know proper tent setup. I have a 450 watt led and outtake fan with carbon filter. I have 1 6in fan on the inside also. My bis concern is dry mold growing on the leaves and the tent sucks in when closed. Should I or can I put a fan on a bottom vent to pull air in? Sorry for such a newbie post but any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. tmp_18584-20161007_231700-729509452.jpg tmp_18584-20161007_231513681070530.jpg tmp_18584-20161007_2315291825114631.jpg
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    Dry mold? Do you mean powdery mildew (which I don't see)
    What I see looks really healthy. You have the opposite of 'stretch', which is when the plants reach for more light. So you have enough light.
    Don't worry about overcrowding leaves yet... wait until you get into bloom season to decide. For now, all those leaves are chlorophyll factories...
    It's going to be normal for the tent to suck in if you're pulling air out with an outtake fan. The outtake fan is doing the job of pulling air in as well. For your size of tent, you don't need large fans.
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    Looks like an auto to me based on the shortness. Awesome stalk going too. At any rate is you dont see mold dont worry. If you do, get green cure and you do want your tent to be positivley charged.

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