Is no news good news?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by pdx247, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. pdx247

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    Took a U/A on Mon afternoon and haven't heard anything one way or the other from my employer. Is this a bad sign? How long did it take others to hear whether they passed or not?
  2. nyguy2010

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    usually good news because the lab may have to call you to confirm any reason as to why you might be positive. Put if you pass the test they usually notify the employer with in 24 hours, they dont have to notify you..
    unless your like me and they lost the sample and thought u were in the clear and took a hit only to find out your not.(me venting :thumbsup:)

    but wait for result before doing anything.
  3. pdx247

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    still freaking out...

    It's not going to be positive because I substituted- 1/2 Quick Solution and 1/2 real urine (not my own). The real urine was a somewhat diluted sample though cause my donor had to drink water in order to pee on demand for me. So I'm worried my sample was discovered to be fake. Haven't smoked in a week- since I found out I had to take the U/A but I'm a regular smoker, so most likely not within the range to pass on my own.
  4. Burnt Toast

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    A person is almost never informed that s/he had passed because s/he is presumed and expected to be clean. If youre waiting to be put to work, call the employer and ask for your "start date". The employers response would shed light on whether youve passed, or if the employer had moved on to the next candidate for hire. Never inquire about the test results. That just makes things look bad for you if you want to be viewed as a "clean person".

    If you already have a start date secured, just simply show up for work and carry on with your duties in the manner that a "clean person" would. And again, dont discuss anything related to the drug test to anyone.
  5. pdx247

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    already working...

    I actually already started because they were desperate for someone qualified to fill this position. Emailed HR person today- asked her when I should come in and finish filling out paperwork. She said she has been 'crazy busy' all week, and I might need to come next week. She also reassigned me a company email address (I worked for this organization before). I'm encouraged that this is all a good sign. Why would she have given me an email if I didn't pass? But maybe she just hasn't had time to look at results, or she hasn't gotten them back yet/. So I will continue to wait...

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