Is no news really good news.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jpbc99, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I had my test Friday and have not heard anything. Friday morning Is when I took it, my sample went to either Connecticut or I think NY. Its getting late in the day now and no word. Wouldn't you hear from an MRO asap if you failed? I getting worried. I would also expect the employer to call back asap if failure was the case, also if I passed I would expect to be told asap. So I dunno what to think.
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    In the world of drug testing, no news generally means good news because every donor is presumed to be "clean" beforehand.

    The donor would be notified if there were any issues with the sample. A lab MRO may contact the donor of any issues, but consider this to be a service on the MRO's part - not an obligation. Thats because the person that is paying for the U/A is the one thats entitled to first dibs of the U/A results.

    If you are waiting to be put to work by an employer, you can call them and ask questions like "When can I start work?" etc. NEVER inquire about the U/A results. That makes it all look bad. A person who is truly clean would never ask that question. You must assume the mindset of a clean person and carry on in such a manner during all interactions with the employer and other employees.

    And relax. :pimp:
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    Well I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is this. I passed my UA.

    I weigh 160. I have the metabolic rate of a kangaroo on acid. Well, not that fast...but definatly on the fast side.

    I have low body fat %. About 5'9" tall. I abstained for about ten days prior to the test. Before that I was multiple times a day chronic user. Also, was not shwagg. Wasn't the best either, good outdoors usually.

    I finally passed a home test with simple dilution the day before my test [first check for pot only, it was all i had to worry about]. Day nine to be accurate.

    The bad news. I get tested frequently now. :[ I actually am gonna just quit. It has been about 17 days since I last smoked. I knew the last time might actually be the last time so it was a blunt of good nugg to the head.

    And thats all folks. It will be tough to kick a ten + year habit. I have spent about just over half my life as a pot head. And now I gotta quit. SHIT!

    Whatever, its for good money. Thats all that matters.

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