Is smoking stems bad for you?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Blaysen, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Blaysen

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    I just got a quarter of chronic, and theres a few nice nugs, but one of them has a big stem. I think the stem doesn't have as much THC in it but, I'm wondering if it's bad for your health to smoke stems. Thanks
  2. zzdank

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    No it is not worse then bud but it might give you a hedache and it is not worth it the stem might have like 0.01 thc. You can collect the stems and use them to make green dragon.
  3. Storm Crow

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    Stems are HARSH!

    They give you very little in the way of a buzz. They will make you cough. Stems were saved and used as a last ditch emergency stash. Even pipe scrapings were better! :wtf: That should tell you something.

    If we had a lot, they were soaked in vodka and the resulting liquid was strained then either drunk as is, or evaporated to a sludge and added to very dry pot. (I'd recommend the latter)- Granny:hippy:
  4. melodious fellow

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    Snoop Dogg says not to do it in one of his songs... "no seeds, no stems, no sticks, just sticky icky"
  5. marijuanavillebilly

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    just save them and make some hash.
  6. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    haha same.

    what is your fav recipe and technique bro?

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