Is the Grobo a Gimmick or Great Cultivation Unit for the Newbie Grower?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by Monterey Bud, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Monterey Bud

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    Aug. 10, 2016

    Though potentially great for growing a small herb garden (no pun intended) indoors, the Grobo's self-contained cultivation unit has germinated and targeted their new smart home growing system at cannabis cultivators in tight urban environments.

    Complete with its own app for monitoring moisture content, nutrients and lumens, the self-contained cultivation unit is a sleek and modern marvel that's ready to grow straight out of the box.

    *IMO, I'm loving the integrated technology, hating the ridiculously small size restriction and nonorganic nutrients.

    Learn more here
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  2. Dutch Pimp

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    "There's a new sucker born every minute"-P.T. Barnum :S2:
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  3. Weezard

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    Lrmme save y'all some hunting.
    They want $900 for this toy.
    That's about $200 per tomato. :D

    Just might produce an ounce of buds if all goes well.
    Fine for the wealthy and clueless penthouse folks.

    I give it 8 out of 10 for geeky coolness though.
    If I got my hands on a free sample, I'd try to grow Ginseng, or Morel mushrooms in it. Just because.

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