is there a herbal tea that has thc like marijuana

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by balasait, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. balasait

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    i just failed my drug test and i need to come up with something to get out of all this shit. so i was wondering if there was a herbal tea that had thc or other weed ingredients in it so i can tell them that i was drinking large amount of this tea which caused me to fail my test. i know its stupid but im in desperation and im willing to try anything. even if its not a tea any thing that can be consumed that has the same make up as marijuana but with out the high will work.
  2. xtreme23

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    there are thc capsules called maritol i believe... it still gets u high tho
  3. balasait

    balasait Registered

    is it illegal
  4. BeatlesRGod

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    it's called marinol, and it's only available in some states and by prescription. I don't think there's anything you are looking for, but try searching the internet for "Marijuana test false positive" or something along those lines. All I can come up with as a last ditch effort is saying you were around a lot of people smoking weed the night before, or someone gave you a weed brownie without telling you what was in it/they forgot it was a "special" brownie. Sorry about your situation and good luck.
  5. Blindman0v0

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    There are legal hemp seed pills.Hemp seed oil ihas the highest concentrations of omega3 oil.You might try using that excuse don't know if it will work.There are other substances that give a false positive but if they send the sample in for analysis they'll know exactly what substance you consumed.
  6. balasait

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    how about tylenol 3's or vicodin i think i can get a quack doc to make up some paperwork saying i have pain management problems in my knee. but can they still figure out if it was the same or not
  7. Blindman0v0

    Blindman0v0 Banned

    If they do the follow up gas test they will know exactly what the substance is.fakeboobsrule is the expert in this area.If you can get him to comment he can explain it better.
    My understanding is somethings can give a false positive for a standard test strip type UA but when the gas test is done as a follow up they can tell exactly what substance is involved.
  8. FakeBoobsRule

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    Blindman is close about the false positives. Drug tests are usually done in 2 stages, first immunoassay then any non negative sample goes to GC/MS. There are no false positives in GC/MS and an extremely low number of false positives in immunoassay but once it goes to GC/MS they will know 100%.

    Prescriptions for opiates will not help you get out of a positive for THC.
  9. balasait

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    for those that are on probation when they screw up do courts usually go into the second stage testing if they use the excuse of hemp oil being used in their foods everyday. and i know it might be answered in a previous forum but how does this gas test work. do they break down the urine sample already in hand or do you up there again for the gas test.
  10. IanCurtisWishlist

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    Marinol is a federally-regulated prescription available in all states.

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