Is there a 'pot friendly' bar or cafe in Seattle area?

Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by wallhofen, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. wallhofen

    wallhofen Registered+

    I know there's nothing that quite matches Hastings Street in Vansterdam, but is there anyplace in our area where it is safe to have a joint or bowl in public in our area?

    It would be great to get together say once a month or so with guys from this board and have a beer or coffee, and then a smoke!
  2. wallhofen

    wallhofen Registered+

    Ok, no place anywhere public where people would 'shut their eyes' if they saw a joint lit?
    How about a good place for a beer where there is a private place perhaps outdoors to do it?
  3. UnitedParcelSecrets

    UnitedParcelSecrets Registered+

    There's Wayne's down in Puyallup, for the second option. And most people there do smoke. But ... on the other hand ... it's Puyallup.
  4. divine420

    divine420 Registered

    Do the Puyallup.
  5. notAfed

    notAfed Registered

    We need to open a private social club,like the Mafia's Bada Bing on the Soprano's...we could call it the Budah Bong instead :thumbsup:

    Do people lite up in the Blue Moon down on 45th?
  6. El Loco Smoko

    El Loco Smoko Registered

    How about my front porch in the next month or two:dance:
  7. nvrggivup

    nvrggivup Registered

    where ???

    Where is Wayne's down in Puyallup???
    Wallhoven you wanna play pool their?
  8. UnitedParcelSecrets

    UnitedParcelSecrets Registered+

    It's down near the Daffodil Bowling Alley.

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