Is there a scientific explanation for love?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by cannabis campbell, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. cannabis campbell

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    Whats the scientific way to explain this feeling does anyone know?, I mean you can explain feelings like anxiety, stress, aggression etc, so im just guessing you could explain love too.
  2. graph

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    I think birds and bees have something to do with it, too.
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  3. ghosty

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    i dont think science or written language can accurately completely define a concept like love.
  4. cannabis campbell

    cannabis campbell Registered+

    I remember seeing someones thread once saying it had something to do with the receptors cells in peoples bodies or something like that.
  5. clever421

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    i was just talking about pheromones with this girl last night and she said if you smell someone that you like it turns you on no wonder i get turned on when i smell her in my car or something :D
  6. ghosty

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    hmm... id be interested to see it
  7. Oh My High

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    There's no solid evidence pheromones actually work. The scientific consensus (that I have seen) is that even if there was a sixth sense, it's dead now, and even if it did exist, it is overruled by hundreds of more prominent factors. However, if a woman smells your sweat, there's evidence it will play a factor.
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  8. MFer

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    I think if someone can turn all your senses on, you found true love.

    They have a smell that turns you on, a Face/Figure that turn you on, a voice that turns you on, a feel that turns you on, and a taste(?).

    Pretty much, you're dream girl/guy.
  9. cannabis campbell

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    +rep for that!
  10. Staurm

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    Einstein once said, "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."

    From a new age science point of view I'd say that the feeling of being in love comes about when you are connected somehow to something beautiful in the universe, the opposite is the result of being disconnected or fragmented. In this respect, when you have a broken heart, it really is broken. People who suffer heart disease very often have suffered great emotional turmoil in this lives.
  11. pixel

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    I heard on the radio (NPR) that there is some new research actually showing that love does NOT exist in males the way it does in a female.. males, like most animal males, will tend to "fuck and run" to put it frankly. females have the hormones of a true parent, and are far more emotionally attached to their responsibilities to watch over and mother their child while the husband is trying to do the same, though thinking of the next sexy young broad he wants to have another kid with (males are psychologically attracted to 1. women who are already mothers and 2. young women --- the reason being is that both show signs of fertileness which is a male's main unconscious goal while choosing a mate) (females are psychologically attracted to the male's ability to provide for her and her kids. nowadays this has a good amount to do with financiality but the real attraction came from a male being able to FEED the mother of his children and his children)

    ----^ learned that info in Developmental Psychology, college course, so if you wanna dispute me about it, read up first.

    marriage and lifelong love are both extremely UNnatural and are only things that humans made up. In fact, ask most older married people, they are in hell. We are not meant to be with 1 mate all of our lives, it's just not our nature.

    How many of our mammal counterparts do you see choosing a wife and staying around them all their life? The way of nature says that females are to raise and nurture children and males are to provide for the females and children with food. There doesnt need to be some deep emotional connection between the mother and the father, all they need to do is make sure their offspring grow up strong to continue the species' existence

    I'm not trying to be sexist because I am not a sexist. This has nothing to do with women choosing her careers or being a housewife or something. I am talking purely sexual and instinctual. That is the way nature is, always has been, and always will be.
  12. S.W.I.M. 504

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    love isnt lust
    thats all u hafta remember
  13. Delta

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    I'm in love right now. I really didn't think it was possible for me anymore till I met her.I saw her walking down the street and felt the need to approach her out of the blue and ask for her phone number. She gave it to me. Last night was our first intimate night. All I know is that I feel so wonderful right now and all I can think about is her. Its the greatest feeling in the world.
  14. Oneironaut

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    Of course there's a scientific explanation for love. Isn't it obvious? Love helps our genes survive. We love our family members because they are the people with whom we share the most genes; loving them causes their chances of survival to increase, and thus is good for the survival of genes that are most like ourselves.

    We love other people in our community (though not usually as much as we love our family) for similar reasons. Love for friends and neighbors helps our society stick together so we can cooperate for survival. Our ancestors evolved in hunter-gatherer tribes, where you couldn't survive without the rest of your tribe. Obviously love helped keep the tribe together and alive.

    And romantic love...well, that has two functions: sex, which produces offspring, and later on a basis for a stable family under which the child is more likely to survive to adulthood (at least in the conditions under which our ancestors evolved).

    What is love, neurologically speaking? It is a positive emotion (that is, a brain state which the organism seeks to achieve) caused by thoughts of or perception of the object of our love. It is common to all mammals and the emotion is centered in that part of our brain between the base reptile bit and the newly-evolved frontal lobe that is specific to humans.
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  15. dirfjiggler

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    scientific explanation for love? Not sure about that but I would like to hear what rebgirl420 thinks....; )

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