Is there a way to eat without cooking?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by jimi2007, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. jimi2007

    jimi2007 Registered

    Is there any way I can just throw something together without having to cook it? I heard I could disolve it in milk or something, is that true, and how to do I do that?
  2. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    I dunno about disolve it in milk.... but whatever it is, its *PROBABLY* not real healthy.
    How about being a little more specific about why your looking for something like that.
  3. Nailhead

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    You need heat to extract the THC and cannaboids from the bud, otherwise I don't think it will do much, or at the least waste most of it. The quickest and easiest way to eat it is probably firecrackers
  4. el_fantistico

    el_fantistico Registered+

    If you don't want to cook I would suggest trying to find some hash. I've had some great experiences just rolling a half gram to a gram into a ball and swallowing it like a pill. Do it on an empty stomach though... and with a clear schedule, you'll be a write off!!

    As Nailhead said, the THC needs to be extracted either in oil or alcohol to be ingested through eating. With black hash, that process has already taken place. Once I discovered this way of getting high it became a fast favorite!!

    El Fantistico :smokin:
  5. smoking99

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    I got this from playboy magazine many years ago. Clean three to four grams of bud, no stems. Get your favorite cereal , Captain Crunch worked for me. Mix the cereal with your regular style milk, sprinkle the weed over the cereal. It takes a while to come on but it will come on. Happy Trails
  6. smoking99

    smoking99 Registered

    Sorry I forgot to mention It really looks nasty. Both the cereal and weed don't look to good but the sweet cereal helps mask the taste of the raw weed. Just don't look. Happy trails again
  7. itzbutters

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    $10 to whoever tries the weed cereal first.
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  8. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    There you go... :stoned:
  9. p0th3d

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    yoghurt...use a little more than a joint or bowl worth.... just finley grind the weed and add straight into the yogurt...mix in and enjoy....takes bout and hr on average to wrok and wrks reely well for me i love them
    tatses delicious if you like the taste of weed (which i do) but isnt as nice if your using solid (pollen, resin ect)
  10. smithy123

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    i just throw it in tea

    crumb ur bud(1g),hash(half g). in tea and drink the sludge at the bottom,then dont make any plans.
    it will slaughter a elephant
  11. deleafer2220

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    Greendragon recipes :hippy:

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