Is there a way to make my plant a dwarf?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Kb420Kb, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Kb420Kb

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    I was wondering if I can keep my plant at a max height of 1 1/2FT - 1 2/3FT??? anyone?

    I've seen this before I just dont know how to do it.

    any tips?
  2. Kb420Kb

    Kb420Kb Registered+

    I would also appreciate it if someone gave me times to leave the light on and off..

    you know..

    Vegetative, Flowering, Seedlings, ETC...

    Right now im doing Seedlings at 24 of light. there about 2 Inches tall.
  3. Kb420Kb

    Kb420Kb Registered+

    anyone? =\
  4. invision

    invision Registered+

    LST baby
  5. Chronic Chrissy

    Chronic Chrissy Registered+

    Veg I use 18/6
    Flower 12/12
    and I use clones under the same 18/6

    What you are talking about is probably tieing your plant down. you use ties to shape your plant gradually, they're pretty flexible, I'm new to this though, so I'm sure there is someone who knows more.
  6. Kb420Kb

    Kb420Kb Registered+

    thats how you dward your plants? and what does LST mean? and Nute?
  7. invision

    invision Registered+

    dude, you clearly say you know what your doing in your other thread yet no nothing, better read the faq and just read people grows thats what i did.
  8. justaseed

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    you need to read read read! nutes are what people call fertilizer or to be exact , the stuff in the fertilizer...nutrients. lst simply means low stress training. if you want small plants just take clones and put them to flower as soon as they are established, this way you could finish with short plants but you will need alot of them to get a decent yeild(sog)
  9. Chronic Chrissy

    Chronic Chrissy Registered+

    Nute is nutrients or fertilizers. LST is tieing your plant to expose bracnhes and shape your plant. Search for LST and you'll find lots of info.
  10. Kb420Kb

    Kb420Kb Registered+

    O ok, thanks so much for all your info.. and im high so i dont know if ill remember it.. =\ ill just come back to the thread. But thanks for all the helpful info! :Rasta:
  11. Hagbard Celiene

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    LST = Low Stress Training....

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