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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by oreokonvict, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. oreokonvict

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    Someone I know has tried weed for basically the first time and he had some weird effects. He is nearly incomprehensible. He makes high pitch squeals. He says weird things, and he says he still feels things the next day. He says he feels like he's acting out of character.
  2. 420_24/7

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    That's one of the most common side effects of smoking weed. Your friend got high.
  3. theforthdrive

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    LOL, I was thinking the same thing. But also what of the placebo effect? I say you can give a room full of high school girls NA beer and they'll still get drunk!
  4. zihowie

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    Yes, your friend is an animal.

    A pig to be more exact:D
  5. oreokonvict

    oreokonvict Registered

    No, I have seen lots of high people, none of them acted like this. He couldn't even talk, he made weird noises when he tried.
  6. IAmKowalski

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    Hmm.. I think it is critical that you find out what strain this friend smoked - and where the hell we can all score some! ;)
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  7. WeedMan07

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    I wish I could get this high! Geib some of what your smoking!

    My friend does this he laugh so f*&^ed up he like squeals and when he talks he does this a little (only when he is really high now) but first few times he couldnt talk or move
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  8. Unknownfigure

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    Probably just got really, really high. It was his first time, and it might have been some good weed. You put those two together, and shit... that's one fucking experience you would never forget. Infact, I wish my first time was with GOOD bud, instead of no-good mexibrick.

    Or maybe he smoked some crack instead (Just kidding, he would know if he did). Could you provide details on how he acquired the weed, how he smoked it, how it looked and felt? Was it "wet"? Did it smell abnormally "sour"? Did it have more of a chemical taste?

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