is there such a strain called superman???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by palerider7777, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. palerider7777

    palerider7777 Banned

    did'nt know where to post this, but a friend of mine said he got sum superman, and it was better/stronger than ww is this true? and if so why can't i find any info on it at all no where??? in all the seed banks or anywhere else for that matter is it clone only or is my friend just full of it?
  2. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    It's true. There is a strain called Superman. AFAIK it's clone only.
  3. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    people tend to call thier buds any strain they want when they are unsure of its lineage. probably him just trying to sound cool

    for example: 90% of purple buds that people give/see you are called purple haze. chances are its purple urkle, lavender, space queen, list goes on...
  4. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    lol, there can technically be a strain for any given word in the dictionary. Why? Because strain names come completely out of dealer's asses.
  5. palerider7777

    palerider7777 Banned

    lol 10/4 on that lol so true
  6. M.B.A.

    M.B.A. Registered+

    sounds like an idiot, probably is, the strain names actually come from the original horticulturalist that created the cross or if it is a parent strain then it has a name. I will not doubt that people make shit up w/names "when they dont know the strain", All Im sayin
  7. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    true. if you know for a fact your growing purple widow, your gonna call it that. but if its some unknown seed from a baggie that turns up purple, well youll probably call it purple haze and be done with it.

    ie: ive got an unknown indica that died of a hideous nitrogen burn and only 1 of dozens of premature seeds survived. said seed is now freakishly larger than my other seedlings and growing almost 2X as fast. AND SINCE I DONT KNOW WHAT ITS STRAIN IS, I CALL IT MONSTER.

    "want some monster bud?" plus its a name that allows for awsome crosses (snow-beast, green giant, purple freak, etc)!!

    mind you, i still wish i knew its true strain, as that would give me more joy than any bullshit name i can make up....
  8. lxgoffxi

    lxgoffxi Registered

    YES superman does exist. Its in the Sequoia mountains 1 hour east of Orosi Ca. My x girl's brother would grow it. Its so so so amazing..................................The seeds are the size of a marble! I seen and smoked it 10 years ago. I wish to one day go find that seed!!

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