Is this a pass? (With PHOTO)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by monmon4, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. monmon4

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    Attached is a photo of my at home drug test. It's my first time doing this; I was wondering if someone that's used the same test can confirm whether or not this is a pass. The instructions say even a faint line is a pass by the "T" but I'm not sure exactly what is meant by faint.

    My actual test is in a few days and it will be done by Labcorp.

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  2. Burnt Toast

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    That result is a negative.

    Did you use the first urination of the day when you took that test?
  3. monmon4

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, this was the first urination of the day, why do you ask?

    I'm 5'10 and I weigh about 158 lbs. I have an average metabolism and have been working out regularly for about a year (about 4x a week). I have also been a regular-heavy smoker for over two years except when I took a break from sept-dec of last year. So you could say I have been a regular smoker since January. My last toke was 14 days ago.

    I have been working out the past two days doing heavy cardio/interval training to burn off fat but I plan to stop two days before my test.

    Does getting a negative result now, when I've been doing cardio, mean that I should be good to go come test day? I don't plan dilute or anything if I don't have to. I'm working out heavily now and eating a lot so that I can pass the test fair and square.
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  4. Burnt Toast

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    Because if you were to take that home test during the afternoon or later, the negative results would be skewed due to fluid consumption and urination occuring during the course of the day. Fluid consumption dilutes the THCA concentration in the bladder to where the urine sample registers a negative on the home test (or any assay screen for that matter). This phenomena is only temporary though. Once the fluids consumed had all been urinated out, the donor will resume testing positive for THC.

    By using the first urination of the day, you are testing under the "worst case scenario" - THCA concentrations are at their highest and have not been affected by any fluid consumption.

    And youve tested negative under that "worst case scenario", so youre good to go for the scheduled U/A.
  5. jabberman

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    Took that same test this morning. First urination.
    My line was a little more faint but definitely there. My "official" test will most likely be in the next few days. I am planning on diluting some anyway just to be safe as I'm only 18 days clean.
    Oh...regular (daily) smoker for years, 6'5" & 225lbs.
    Will post back pass or fail.

  6. jfp2010

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    When I took my test, my T line pretty much exactly like that, but my C like was darker, so would that make a difference in whether mine was neg or not?
  7. Burnt Toast

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    The C line (control line) is supposed to be bold. All what the control line means that the test is functioning like it should. If no line (or a "broken" line) appears in the control reigon, that means the test kit is defective, or the test wasnt performed properly.

    A "faint" line in the T reigon (test reigon) is still a negative.
  8. monmon4

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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to post an update for you all. I was actually able to push back my test until yesterday (one labcorp in my area does Sunday testing). So when I took the test yesterday it was 6 days after the home test I took in my first post.

    Just in case, I took another test on Friday to see how it would turn up. Attached to this post is the result. I believe the line is a bit darker than my first test but I've been comparing the photos so much I can't tell the difference anymore.

    Anyway, I took the test naturally, didn't really bother to dilute or anything because I want to pass, not to have the test come back diluted.

    Any take on whether or not you think I passed? My thought is that I MUST have passed since I passed the home test twice with the first urination of the day.

    Will post back with results.


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  9. jfp2010

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    Yeah, I just meant my control was darker than his control line.

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