Is this bud ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by MadHatter79, Feb 13, 2007.

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    The new growth is from a spray of diluted superthrive and olivia vf-11. It started the new growth at 60 days, these pics are at 64 days. This is a Jack Herer and is recommended from 50-70 days flowering. Please zoom in to see the buds. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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  2. DemoCommando

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    Harvest! Go, quickly now. It "seems" the plant is dying at the tips and that it's an amber tint to the resin. Get to it. Make some good clippings/scissor hash.

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    Well like Z said you need to look with a microscope....generally its looks like the trics are more whiteish than amberish, looks like it could use more time but ya never know.
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    Wow dude u got some super sight going on there, i need a 30x mag to see my tri's, jewlery mags are like 6 buks siiiick!
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