is this correct?(light/plant ratio)

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    maby i can answer my own question but not sure if this is right....

    i got this off the light section...

    2000 lumens sq. ft./21500 lumens sq. m. = Absolute minimum for growth. You won't get much from this, especially after the plant has grown a bit. Not really enough to flower well.

    3000 lumens sq. ft./32250 lumens sq. m. = Pretty Good growth. Enough light for the entire light cycle, although your yields may be lower.
    4000 lumens sq. ft./43000 lumens sq. m. = Very good growth. Once you pass around 3500, growth rate and ability goes up fast.

    Over 5000 lumens sq. ft./53750 lumens sq. m. = Optimal growth. Dense growth in all stages.

    and i figure 3500-4000 per plant is good enough for me

    i wanted 2 600w hps lights giving out 30kper light

    so ... thats 60k... 60k/16=3750k per plant + will have mylar around all walls and walls will be close 2 plants so light refelection should be good.. is this right?
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    600w hps has 88,000 initial lumen output.
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    :jointsmile:Another way i say would be to take this for example. 88,000 initial lumen output on a 600w HPS. There is appoximantly 146.6 lumen being output for every watt. Now lets say your grow area is 6X6 that is 36 sq. Feet.
    This would mean that you are only getting around 16.6 watts a sq. foot. which then only turn out to around 2423.6 lumens a sq. foot. I would say you really wanna be close to about 40-50 watts a sq. foot and you will definatly have optimal growth. This is all off of a 36 sq. foot grow area, which would need bout 1800 watts for a optimal growth. If i am wrong will sum1 please correct me..

    Another way you go 3X4= 12 sq. feet. A 600w will hit 50 watts per sq. foot. which yould put you around in the ball park of 7330 initial lumen a sq. foot.

    Hope that helped a lil sorry if it did not didnt mean to ramble on:Rasta:

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