Is this G-13?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Da1lungwonder, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Da1lungwonder

    Da1lungwonder Registered+

    Got this bud today, was told its G-13 but i dont know.. smells kinda like onion but tastes kinda citrus..

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  2. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Howdy Da1,

    Daggum ! That bud looks good ! How was the high ?

    Have a good one....
  3. Da1lungwonder

    Da1lungwonder Registered+

    Torog, what it is man...
    Buzz is really awesome.. actually its a perfect blend of Head and Body and best of all my frigin Head stopped pounding...It was well worth the 50 1/8 i paid.

    You wouldnt know if it is the "G-13" strain would you?I could try and desribe it as detailed as possible for those who might be able to identify it.. I really would like to know as I said this weed actually stop these migrains ive had for the last 3 days due to my other prescribed meds..
    Im new to this community and to be honest i havent reaserched to much as of yet, im going to try out the search function to see if i can find anything close.. but if you or anyone knows pleez pass on your immense knowledge.

    Thanks everyone
  4. Torog

    Torog Registered+

    Howdy Da1,

    Dang...that sounds like some bud that I could use for my bad back !

    I wish that I could help ya,but I ain't never had any experience with G-13,I hear tell,that it has good medicinal qualities,but other than that..I don't know much. There are folks here,that claim to have toked G-13 and grown it..hopefully they will see your thread and respond.

    Have a good one !
  5. Da1lungwonder

    Da1lungwonder Registered+

  6. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    well i dont know but i can tell u and that blunt are gonna have a good day
  7. dankness42o

    dankness42o Registered

    dont think it is citrus taste we got stuff like that out here good as hell but i dont think looks just like it but real good so i dont know
  8. Da1lungwonder

    Da1lungwonder Registered+
  9. misty116

    misty116 Registered+

    F**k man, that sounds like reeeel good shit!!!!
  10. Up In Smoke 420

    Up In Smoke 420 Registered+

    Wait, why the fuck would our gov. make weed like that?
  11. Completely Stoned

    Completely Stoned Registered+

    Because its gotta be good for thsoe who need it. Liek glaucoma and Head Traumas. Gov grows soem of the best shit in the world.
  12. SCx420

    SCx420 Registered

    i don't think it's possible to tell what strain it is by looking at the buds.
  13. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    dude iv had real g13 a ball of trics and i got a 1/8 for 50 bucks and it was almostthe best shit iv ever had the best was laced with herrion wow that was fun
  14. blade

    blade Registered

    look like some killa shit, but kinda leafy
  15. ILoveYouMaryJane

    ILoveYouMaryJane Registered+

    dude you gotta watch out whats in the background of your pictures, you could be giving out alot of information.just to let you know
  16. GSW389

    GSW389 Registered+

    just looks liek some normal bud honestly
  17. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    It looks good, probably just some dank. G-13 is extremely, extremely rare. Not that I'm calling you a liar or anything, naturally.

    But, it seems bad that you took a picture of weed with your address in the background..
  18. Tholiak

    Tholiak Registered+

    No plants should be that much, ever. Thats just Greed plane and simple
  19. Strikerrr

    Strikerrr Registered+

    hmm I'm picking up some g 13 next week. My dealer just went to miami to get some tonight and I get paid tuesday. I'll take pics and let you knonw what's up.
  20. Monkey4Sale

    Monkey4Sale Registered+

    There are a few people (very few) in the united states that get weed sent to them by the US government. For medical marijuana. Rent Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT!, the episode with Marijuana, or the war on drugs ( i can't remember what the title is). And by weed getting sent to them, i mean like a pound every month.

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