Is this looking ok? Stem height and leaf color

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by superdaemon, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Hello there. Doing my first grow. complete beginner here. I sprouted a few seeds of Green Crack. Currently on 4 after planting seedling into potting mix. Here is the basics of my setup. Using foxfarm potting mix, qty. 2 T5 2ft (24W) bulbs. bulbs are approximately 4 inches from leaves. Watering with filtered tap water. Room temperature is 72F and humidity is 50%. I'm wondering if I could get some visual feedback from more experienced growers. I'm concerned that my stems may be too long and that there may be some slight "yellowing' to my seedling leaves. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If I'm posting in the wrong forum, also please let me know. Thanks again.

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    She looks good, but her toes hurt.
    Time to give her bigger shoes.
    The tap root has hit bottom and is circling.
    A 16 oz. beer cup would be a good choice.
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    Thank you very much for your reply Weezard. Do you think rooting hormone is necessary to transplant to cup or should I simply move it?
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    Use that wee container to make a shaped hole in the soil.
    Then jus' pop it out and into that hole. A little water, not a lot. No hormones, ferts, or additives.
    She's still too young.

    Do it gently, and they don't notice the transfer, they jus' put on a growth spurt.

    When she gets as tall as the container is deep and bigger around than it is wide, do it again.
    You are off to a good start.

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    Thanks so much for sharing advice. When do you think it would be appropriate to upgrade lighting? Currently have QTY2. 2FT T5 Bulbs.
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  7. Weezard

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    I don't know.
    I'm an LED grower and have no experience with T-5s.
    So I'd just be rule of thumb guessing.
    Call it, a shot in the not so dark. :)
    Might want to ask Emilya.
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    I was thinking about upgrading to LED once they grow a little bigger for 2'x3' closet grow. would 300W LED be ok? I was looking at Advanced Platinum LED P300. link here:
    I really appreciate your responses so far. Thanks again!!!
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    Hmm, Ah dunno. 300Watts sounds a bit much for a small grow.
    I can raise 3 plants to almost 1 meter under ~60 Watts of R:B leds.
    60Watt limited.JPG
    That's a single, 100Watt, 4:1 R:B 44 mm. chip. Slapped it together in about an hour for less than $1 per Watt.
    All my LEDs are homebrews. I use different configurations, and ratios for different purposes.

    So, from my personal experience, I can tell you how to build one, but not which commercial one to buy. I did test a UFO for a friend a couple years back. They consumed an actual 63 Watts, including 3, noisy fans, and they worked quite well, as I recall.

    Carry on,

    Sorry, I can't help with this, but no information beats bad information, yah?
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    So as far as lumens are concerned i'm getting about 30K when I use my lumens meter? does this sound about right for early veg?
  11. Weezard

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    If they are not stretching for the light it'll do.

    Lumens are a good measure, for humans.
    But not for plants. They "see" things differently.
    What's PAR for their course? Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

    Our eyes have evolved to be most sensitive to the middle of the visible spectrum.
    Plants use those frequencies much less efficaciously than they do the red and the blue.
    That's why LEDs can get more bang for less buck.

    A couple t5s should do fine for early veg.

    Carry on,
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    Thanks Weezard. From what you and many others are saying on this forum, it really sounds like LED is the way to go. Do growers use PAR meters to determine light sufficiency or is this just something you learn to "eyeball" with time?
  13. Weezard

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    Yes. And, I use one of these; DSCF6292.JPG
    I have an excellent LUX meter, but it was made for white light also.
    I used it to measure relative reflectivity of different surfaces.
    light test2.jpg
    Reflectix©, won, followed closely by flat, white, paint. Aluminum foil turns out to be a crummy reflector.

    I like simple.
    That globe, is a radiometer. The vanes are in a vacuum and spin when illuminated.
    When they spin almost as fast under the LEDs as they do in sunlight. I call that a starting point.
    No batteries, and inexpensive.
    Quite useful for comparing 2 LED arrays.

    Simple is mo' betta, yah?

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