Is this starting to bud??? (pics.)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by roushrider81, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. roushrider81

    roushrider81 Registered+

    or is it just a male plant:mad:

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  2. psymin

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  3. DiabloHaze87

    DiabloHaze87 Registered+

    Sorry to say its male.
  4. roushrider81

    roushrider81 Registered+

    will it even bud at all or should i just go and throw it away...
  5. male, those are its buds. Very little THC content if you try and smoke you'll most likely only get a headache. Its not worth the risk go ahead and pull him up. Sorry for your misfortune. Better luck next time.
  6. CYRAX

    CYRAX Registered+

    Aw that's a bummer...
  7. Inkfected

    Inkfected Registered+

    :(:(:(:( i think u know the answer:(
  8. spiked666killer

    spiked666killer Registered+

    You could make hash out of it.
  9. roushrider81

    roushrider81 Registered+

    lol you wanna tell me how.
  10. d00d989

    d00d989 Registered+

    no, you cant make hash out of it. males have NO THC

    do yourself a favor and throw it away

    sorry mate, terrible luck :(
  11. cant make hash from one male plant.
  12. downunder

    downunder Registered

    males do have t.h.c in them . as a matter of fact male heads are stronger than leaf ,but not as strong as bud
  13. magic009

    magic009 Registered+

    males HAVE FUCKING THC lmao and you can make hash out of it omfg lol and i do it all the time go to (how to make hash on youtube) for fuck sakes i hate dickheaads that think they know it all most hash is made from male plantes why wast it? and it's real easy to make just go to that site i told you and find out! you idiot> (dood) if you dont know shit about pot dont tell people fake shit you fucknig asswipe!!!!! laters peoples and dood my guess you dont even know how to smoke the shit so dont come on tell people fake shit dumbass
  14. GreenSkunk

    GreenSkunk Registered

    magic do you sometimes get bored and decide to answer every thread in outdoor growing? cos some of these people dont care anymore about your answer, these threads are half a year old :S seriously ude look at the dates before posting your mis-informed advice :thumbsup:.
  15. magic009

    magic009 Registered+

    wow thats funny what are you doing in here if thats the case lol do you just go looking for my name so you can have some thing to do lol who is the bored one and if you rp to this then you are an idiot for trying to have a go at me for being bored as fuck so any way have fun man lick my balls and go blow you're dad peace peoples
  16. madeline

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    You can NOT make hash from males unless males have trichomes (which they don't). Hash is made from trichomes only. Probably what others are talking about is making this trashy substance we call, Green Dragon, aka a really shitty form of pot oil (and no, it's not hash oil either as that is derived only from hash) and I guess it's worth making once just to say you did it but most have had their fill of it after that one time and end up doing like the other 99.9% of growers do and just toss out the males onto the compost pile. Their only real value is in making seeds but males themselves do not have seeds, only females make seeds.
  17. magic009

    magic009 Registered+

    yes you fucking can and i do it all the time you fucking dopy prick lol
  18. Celeste

    Celeste Registered+

    where the hell are you guys getting your info?

    males DO (yep, that's right; i said DO) produce thc, just not in the quantities that females do. my prized male plant has balls that are covered in trichs.

    butter is the best bet when using males, but come on guys.... do a little homework before bashing a fellow stoner.

  19. Celeste

    Celeste Registered+

    oh, and btw, i had a male reverse, go full female, and self pollenate. it produced seeds :eek:
  20. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    magi, hashish is made from pure trichomes. yes, you can make other products using males but it won't be hashish.

    i suggest you just kick back for a while and do some studying before showing off your iq here (just a thought to help you get along better with others).

    and mr style, most of us know these are old but magi has a habit of pulling up these old dusty notes for whatever reason he may have.
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