Is this still how LabCorp test Urine???

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by goodwis, May 14, 2010.

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    A few years ago, the user Branall1 posted a great post about the truth behind drug testing. Very imformative and I am thankful to have found it.
    I have a couple of questions.
    'This was posted 4 years ago, so I am curious specifically regarding LAbcorp if what he said four years ago is still true...

    He Said...
    Laboratory testing is actually on-site (rapid read, quick scan, dip card. Whatever you want to call it) testing in disguise. Here are the economics:

    The NIDA 5 (Cocaine, Meth, THC, Opiate, PCP) dip cards cost $1.10 wholesale (For a decent, american made card). They are much cheaper if you go with the Chinese imported version (remember, this is a money motivated industry. Most people use the cheapest they can get at the time)

    GC/MS (Gas Chromography/Mass Spectromity) testing actually costs a lot more than what they charge. GC/MS normally costs close to $100 per test. Anyone can obviously see the problem is every single test was run through GC/MS. Lapcorp would loose money. This is obviously not what happens.

    ALL lab samples are "screened". They know that 99% of all of the tests are going to come up negative, so they hit them with the same $1.10 test that an onsite kit uses. If it comes out negative, it's reported negative and never sent to GC/MS. If it's positive, it heads over to GC/MS for quantitive verification.

    End of his comments this what happens still? I submitted a synthetic Dr Greens Agent -X yesterday to a Labcorp... if I am reading correctly, Labcorp will use an onsite 5 panel kit, if it is negative, then its the end of testing right?
    If this is what happens, I dont understand how Ph and Gravity are even calculated from the sample if this is all they do after its negaitve.
    Sounds to me like they do a panel dip test, its negative then testing over.
    Am I correct in this assumption???

    I submitted without a hitch, temp fine...worried to death...used Dr Greens Agent X. Also LAbcorp website says they usually know the results within 4 hours after submission. Its been since yesterday morning. Can I relax now that I have not heard anything or is it too early
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    Specimen integrity checks (Creatinine, pH and specific gravity) are performed before the actual drug check, using either a seperate assay, or more recently, a multi-panel assay that features creatinine, pH, and SG panels (in either dip card or EZCup forms). The clients choices on LabCorps "test menu" are not limited to just a 5 panel kit. LabCorp offers 7 panel and up.

    If your synthetic is known to be fresh, it wouldnt have any problems passing the above integrity checks.
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    My test sample will be subject to 5 panel.
    So if sample passes the two you mentioned then it will never get sent to another lab correct?
    The above you mention are most likely done where sample collected?
    That's what I'm understanding from the post I referenced in my original post.
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    If the urine sample passes both the integrity check and the drug check, the test is over as a "pass" and youre home free.

    That depends. In some situations, the integrity check is done at the site of collection while other times it is performed at the lab the sample was sent to.

    Despite what youve read, not all U/As have an instant test done at the collection facility. Many collection facilities are authorized to only collect samples and not conduct any analysis. Therefore, the sample is sent off to a lab to where the initial and confirmatory tests for both integrity and drug panels are performed.
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    Thanks burnttoast...i submitted premixed dr green agent x on Thursday morning.
    Temp in sample cup read 96 and substitution went flawless. My first time and I am nervous. It is maddening waiting on the phone NOT to ring!

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