is White Widow a stabile hybrid?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by emilya, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. emilya

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    My brother and I got into a discussion about my current grow and my plan to produce some seeds from it. He reminded me that in hybrids, the offspring will tend to revert back to traits from the parent strains and that it takes many generations to find plants that stabilize with the combined traits, thereby making a stabile hybrid.

    From what I can see out there, White Widow has been around for a while now and should have been stabilized. Does anyone know this to be the case, or am I just wasting my time trying to produce seeds from this grow?

  2. leadmagnet

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    I think it would be worth a try. I had pretty consistent results with nirvana's white rhino but maybe I just got lucky.

    I hate to put my neck out there by saying this but I'm thinkin the end results with white widow ain't gonna be bad either.
  3. Stomper420

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    My nephew came across a buddy growing it and gave him a bag with alot of seeds in it which Im growing now. Hope that helps, theres seeds out there:thumbsup:
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    I would worry about fem WW seeds. In fact, I would worry about any fem seed.

    My homemade 2007 Nirvana White Widow standard seeds have been very consistent producers.

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  5. Randm999

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    Nirvana White Widow

    I found that the Nirvana White Widow had 2 distinct pheno's when I grew them from seed. One was more sativa dominant than the other. I kept the indica dominant for a mother and have been very happy with the resulting clones.
    What I have noticed about growing WW:
    Nute sensitive. I find that I have to use around 1/3 of the nutes with ww than I do with my other strains. They tend to develope nute lockout if overfed.
    Stretch in 12/12: I put my babies in to flower when they are 12 in. to 14 inches. They will stretch about 3 times the height, or more, depending on how they where trimmed, or not trimmed. I usually end up with mature plants around 3.5 to 4 feet in height and very bushy.
    Takes to LST, fimming and topping very easily.
    Clones easily.
    Yeild: Varies acording to grower, but as an example, I grew out 7 clones and had a yeild of around 2 lb. from those 7.
    Grows well indoors as well as outdoors.
    Smoke report: Uncured bud tends to be a bit harsh which improves with curing over a couple of months in jars. Leans toward couch lock as the indica seems to dominate the high, but not so bad as to impede activities. Good for use in Vaporizers, better smoked in a bong.
    I keep growing it, even though I have other, more 'up to date' strains. It has become one of my mainstay strains.

    Note: I grow in soil, indoors, under 400 watt lamps. Your results may not be the same as mine due to differences in growing enviroments.

    Happy growing
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  6. Jord0713

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    The White Widow is my all time fav to grow...I have it in almost every room I do. It is a very stable consistent strain for me and as the above poster mentioned lst, top fim the heck out of her because she actually loves it. but I can tell you every time I grow it it comes out the same and I can tell you what what they are going to do every time. Just my 2 cents anyhow...I have had the same pheno for over 2 years, no way I would scrap her ;)
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  7. Dutch Pimp

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    White Widow is a good benchmark strain. I always grow half of WW and half of a new/another strain; for comparsion. That way, if the new strain is a 'waste of time'?...WW to the rescue.

    In the past 5 years; I have only lost 2 WW plants. I'm still not sure what happened here?...whatever it was? was terminal, slow death over the next 2 weeks time....:wtf:

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  8. Randm999

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    I lost a few myself until I figured out that I was feeding them too much. Nute lockout was the prime culprit in this. Several good flushings and being light on the nutes solved this problem
  9. Stomper420

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    This great news.:thumbsup: Thanks guys...
  10. Jord0713

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    I noticed that the white widow can be a little light sensitive...If I keep my lights too low on the ladies, they tend to yellow out the fan leaves prematurely...Just keep an eye on that anyway, could just be my phenotype. I like the way you put it Dutch Pimp...I always have my white widow going in every room I do just in case...I know what the white widow is going to do for me every time I grow her and she definatly has saved my ass when all else failed :)
  11. canniwhatsis

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    I certainly hope my home breed seeds that are maturing in this one are exactly what I've started off with,... so far seems very nice producer. (only about 1/2 way there)

    I cracked 2 seeds (nirvana non fem) got one male one female, the male has flowered and is dead and I've got plenty of pollen for months!!! I've taken some in to the flower room and pollenated a single top about a week ago,... looks like it should produce a nice bud with about 20-30 seeds in it.

    This is my first go round with her, Clones took off, so if all 8 other seeds I got from Nirvana are boys at least I still have a girl around! :jointsmile:

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  12. Dutch Pimp

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    I agree. I constantly fail to raise the lights high enough or soon enough during that 2-4 week flowering stretch period. I usually burn some tips and get the early yellowing; especially with HPS lighting.
  13. Jord0713

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    They love to be topped, lst'd and fim'd....This is what happens when I subject my White Widow ladies to a major beat down in Veg. The other pic shows the yellowing, although 1 week from take down, they are significantly more yellowed out than my other strains due to my light being just a tad too close. If I back my light up from around 12 inches to around 18-20 I don't see such an exaggerated yellowing of leaves. IMG_1278.JPG IMG_1279.JPG
  14. Happy Retiree

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    Hi Randm999.... are you still around? Let me know because I would love to talk to you about growing White Widow. Thank you!
  15. Mal420xl

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    66 posts total over 3 years ago...odds are against it. give Weezard, or low_rdr or shovelhandle a shout im sure one of them can help you out or point you in the right direction.
  16. low_rdr

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    If your wondering how to get 2 pounds from a 400 watt light, I won't be of much help there, but anything else about the strain I can help with :D I love how tight the nuggets always come out :)
  17. Happy Retiree

    Happy Retiree Registered+

    LOL. Yes, I was wondering how to get 2 lbs from 400 watts. We're getting 3 ozs per plant of Jack Flash & our grow room looks like Yankee Stadium during a night game! LOL. We veg with 600 watts & flower with 1000 watt. We grow in soil indoors.

    We've been growing Jack Flash but diappointed in the results because we believe the genetics don't hold well the further out you go from the original Mama. She is about 6 months old. The smoke is smooth but the punch just isn't there. Cosmetically the buds are tight with good amount of capitates. This is why we're going to try White Widow Extreme which we bought from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Here's what they say about it:

    White Widow XTRM vs regular white widow - These genetics has been optimized for better growth characteristics and increased yields!
    This strain is the strongest weed in the world.
    The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the bud at all.
    The high is extreme and the taste divine.
    This weed has won more cups than any before.
    On the top of all dutch coffeeshop menus mostly the most expensive!
    A must for anyone who thinks they are a smoker !!

    White Widow XTRM - Feminized Strain Specifications
    Quantity : 10 Seeds
    Type : Indica - Sativa mix
    Climate : indoor
    Yield : 500 gr/m2
    Height : 35 - 60 cm
    Flowering period : 8 weeks
    Harvest : begin september
    Stone type : Extreme high
    THC level : strong 20% - 25%
    Grow Difficulty : Moderate

    So! What else can you tell us about the strain? We've been using FoxFarm but understand that the all-in-one Dynabloom is also great. Rummor has it that WW is sensitive to nutes.

    Does she mind being trimmed - lifted - not quite lollipopped? Or maybe topping is preferred? I've also read that she gets very bushy. We're able to put 16 Jack Flash under our 3 1000 Watt Kahuna but it's not a bushy plant. Any suggestions?
  18. Happy Retiree

    Happy Retiree Registered+

    Thanks for your input & suggestion. I'll get in touch with them!
  19. low_rdr

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    I use FF as well. WW is sensitive to nutes and responds well to about 1/4 recommended feeding during veg and about 1/3 during flower. If you want the 'extreme stone' then switch your lights to 8/16 the last 2 weeks (and flush well). FIM the HELL out of them in Veg, they can take mutiple FIM's every 2 weeks, I just created a C99 with 4 tops, and roughly 60 budsites that would have lollipopped nicely - WW seems to have the same growing characteristics, and I think would benefit well from the lollipop, but I haven't done it yet, and unfortunately won't be able to put this to practice that before you start your FIM.

    As far as abuse, I've noticed no issues, multiple transplants, cuts, etc without a hermie. I think if you can only put 16 jack flash under 3 1k lights then you need to cut back on the lights or start utilizing your grow space, you can fit 16 5 gallon buckets under 1 light. If your going for a longer veg stage and your using the 30 gallon bags, your gonna need more light! (this basically means I don't know anything about your grow, so I can't give advice here) but if your worried about her being bushy, I wouldn't spend so much time on FIM
  20. Happy Retiree

    Happy Retiree Registered+

    1. Biologically, how does 8 on/16 off in the last 2 wks of flowering affect the potency?
    2. You say "flush well" in the last 2 wks - we just water normally in the 5 gal pails till water trickles out the bottom. Is there a difference?
    3. We used a light meter to determine the amount of lummens to provide maximum growth. We have 3 lights along one wall with a total of 18 plants underneath. The lights are 18" to 2ft above the plants. We found that if we crowd them any more, the only flower production would be at the top because the sides are totally shaded. We're getting on average 3-4 dry ozs per plant. When you say to "utilize the grow space better", please explain.
    4. In Veg, we have a single 600 watt Kahuna with upwards of 30 plants which we keep for 4-5 wks. They grow beautifully. We've been pruning out all the lower branches & doing some thinning in the upper canopy before they go into flower. We don't like to prune once in Flower for reasons you already know.

    Does this give you enough information about our grow? BTW, our Flowering room (we have 2) is quite large & we use mylar screens to contain the light & bounce it back into the garden.

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance for your time & input.

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