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    looking for a 70s hash oil making machine. called an iso/2 made by thai power. if u want to git rid of it get in touch. my e mail adress is i have had 2 of them. and want another:)
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    Need help with this machine

    Hi! I am looking for information on this machine. My grandmother used it to extract orange oil from orange blossoms. I am wanting to use it to make my own oregano oil and lavendar oil and others for my family medical treatments. Does anybody have any information on how to do this and what the acid is for? My grandmother has passed away and we are obviously not able to ask her how she did this. So any information would be greatly appreciated. This is the only site that came up when we typed the name of the machine in Thanks Tina

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    I found an ISO2 extractor

    I just found an ISO2 Extractor made by Thai Power in the 1970's. Its used to extract oil from leaf or bud and its very rare according to my research. Old man gave it to me and gave me the basic rundown. Said it produced some kill oil back in the day and its been in storage for over 30 years. I just posted it on ebay after seeing how much people were looking for it. Sounds like quite the science experiment but I have intructions to go with it.(not the original but from research)
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    Not sure about acid ? Mine did not come with any. I don't have it now but remeber it well and have used the principle many times.

    Material to be extrated must be dry and broken up.

    There is a basket that sits inside the iso. place a coffee filter in this and load material in basket.

    It is hard to find the right alchohol so use everclear drinking alchohol. You'll need a quart.

    Put the top on secure and turn it on. What happens is like an old time coffee perculator with spirits. The spirit evapes and collect in the top and drips down through the material bringing out the oils. Leave this for several hours or more it won't hurt to go longer.

    Take the used material out and place the glass in the basket. See where this is going. The glass collect the spirits and concentrates the oils in the bottom of the iso machine. Put the top on and run the iso for an hour then check and empty the glass and check how much spirits are left in the iso. This is important to keep checking or you can burn your oils. When you get down close to all the spirits recovered then leave the top off and turn the iso on. Be very carefull and have good ventilation as the spirit vapors can explode.

    Before it gets tooo thick remove your oil and continue to let the spirits evaporate.
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    heres a link to one for sale. 500 for it though. i wonder if someone would be able to recreate one of these things. it looks like a fairly simple design.
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    Thai Power ISO2

    I am looking for one of these machines to purchase. If you know the whereabouts of one or any parts that would be available to complete the one I have, please advise.

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