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    My husband and I are taking a trip to S. America, specifically Belize and Guatemala, this spring. We've both been to Western Europe, Mexico, Jamaica, and Caymans, and had we've both good AND bad MJ experiences in each country.
    (I take that back: never a back experience in Jamaica!) :Rasta:
    My point is this:
    with each negative experience (i.e. ripped off, bad quality, etc.), we could've probably asked around and got some tell-tale signs as to what was about to happen.

    so that is what I'm doing here:
    if anyone out there is familiar with these cultures as well as the MJ culture, please advise us on the what-nots. We would both appreciate that VERY much and think of you fondly as we puff on the beaches. :kisslove:

    And while I'm on here and stoned and ranting; I just gotta say this, knowing full well it may piss off some of you dudes and lesbians out there, sorry: BUT: COULD SOMEONE PLEASE FEED THAT FUCKING BUD GIRL ON THE BANNER????? Her hip bones and ribs are poking out further than her ta-ta's and well, it's just kinda gross. Not a real good ad for "legal buds", since homegirl there didn't get the munchies! ;) I'm all for the fact that "sex sells", but in this case, an uber-thin model is just bad marketing. Real bad. Pretty much every culture on earth tokes, so it would've been quite easy for the "Legal Buds" company to find a buxom black babe, or a healthy hippie girl, whatever.
    Seriously: Bud Girl needs a sandwich, or some implants, or maybe both. How ironic is it that the mod is nick-named "Fake Boobs Rule" and right above his name is this giant banner ad of a scrawny female with the chest of a college frat boy?

    I'm done.
    Rant over. Sorry.

    My intent for this post was in the "Travel and Adventure" forum and we'll leave it at that. Any information on either Belize or Guatemala are greatly appreciated!!! Anything from "trust your cab driver" to "don't trust your cab driver", maybe recommendations for cool head shops, we'd really love ya for it. :jumphappy:
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    That has got to be the funniest rant of all time, maybe the model should have sign says model for sandwich.CC magazine did a review of South and central america few months back may find some info there. Have freind in Belize but he drinks more than smokes and wouldnt know good bud from schwag. Good luck and have wonderful trip.
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    I was in Belize with a few friends...we were just a little north of Placencia...we went to a tiny local bar and the bartender/owner ask us if we wanted to buy any cuban friend who smokes cigars enough to recognise if they were authintic or not ask if they were indeed authintic... the guy said "ya, see here is the original box for them". My friend was like OHHH CCCOOOLLLL! and opened the box as we were looking at it...there it was...a fat nug of the guy was like "OH SHIT woops!" and closed it real fast as we all started to laugh...turns out the guy keeps the cigars upstairs and just collects the boxes....ANYWAYS...I went back later that night and ask if he would sell me a little....he said that all the locals "grow the shit all the time" and then sold it to me for a ridiculous low price ....I'm not sure if the rest of Belize "grow the shit all the time" but I would be willing to bet they do....

    ps. this is my first post on, sorry it's so long I just LOVE Belize.
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    My former dealer had lbs. of Belize pot once, about 28-32 years ago. It was pretty good stuff, and I wish they'd bring it in again. .
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    Guatemala City Cannabis Club

    when you´re in Guatemala the premier place to get medical marijuana is The Guatemala City Cannabis Club.

    Your former dealer had lbs of belize pot, sounds to me like he had some hippy grenade. I don´t mess with anything less than medical grade, smoking mids for 6 months almost gave me bronchitis.

    Avoid shady people on the street and getting ripped off, contact the club directly for access to the best medical marijuana in central america.

    you can email the club at

    happy 420

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    The new website address for the Guatemala City Cannabis Club is Home - Guatemala City Cannabis Club

    Everyday the Cannabis Culture gets better and better. Great weed equals a great vacation, bad or no bud is bad. Guatemala is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy medical mj and nature.


    Aaron Cohen
    Guatemala City Cannabis Club
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    I think that the girl has great ta-ta's.

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