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    I was thinking of making some ISO or BHO oil. From what I have seen the BHO comes out a golden brown while the ISO come out black. Is this normally how it is? Also I've seen a lot of people say never use ISO because it is dangerous. Is this true? Do you just need a really high alcohol %. Do you need to get it bone dry to not be dangerous to your health? If I do either method I will use the highest quality of either one. The best ISO I can find is 91% around here. And for BHO I would have to order high quality multi-refined stuff online.
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    Well... any solvent that be volatile enough (acetone, alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc) can be used for making hash oil, provided it be completly evaporated after the extraction.

    The only problem are the impurities of the solvent. Many of them are not so volatile as the solvent itself, and may remain mixed with the hash oil even after the solvent is evaporated. Some of the impurities can be poisonous, and i think thats why some people says its dangerous.

    Anyway, you can put some of the solvent you will use into a dish and evaporate it to see if some residue remains. If no residue remain, you can use the solvent without any worries.

    And when evaporating the extracted solvent+thc, it must be evaporated as completly as possible (bone dry), to ensure all the solvent (that may be harmful) is gone and only the pure thc oil is left.
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    after that could water be added to it to make it more pliable? or something else? I know some people keep theirs mushy when they make it so it is easier to get a piece off of it. Is this safe to do? It would still have some ISO in it right? Or would that bit left over be the water that is in with it?

    Could I use 91% ISO so that the last bit to evaporate would be water? Or would there be more impurities than just the water left over also?

    Also BHO is usually kinda goopie. Should you get that bone dry before smoking also? Seems like everyone tends to keep it soft and sticky.
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    Use the 91% ISO and you should have no problems. Oh, and I have made hash the ISO way and some still came out gold. It just depends what kind of bud, trim, leaves you use. I used premature buds from my last batch to make ISO hash and it came out gold. Then used the trim and it came out gold and black. Then the leaves was all black.
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    Well... water does not mix with the oil. So, adding water would have no effect on the consistency of it.

    I dont know if there would be more impurities besides water. It depends on the brand of the iso you got. Anyway, as Italiano715 said, i think you should have no problems using it.

    Well... pure (chemically purified) cannabis oil is actually an oil. But most impurities make it harder and thicker, so when its impure enough it gets solid.

    As BHO is the purest extracted oil one can get from weed (cause butane extracts less "garbage" than other solvents), it is more oily and less solid than the cannabis oil extracted with other solvents (which is called hash oil).

    So, the "bone dry" appearance only applies to impure hash oil, the one extracted with other solvents than butane and the one that can actually get solid after all the solvent is evaporated. Depending on the solvent you use and the quality of the weed, it may never get dry enough, even after all the solvent has been evaporated.
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    Used ISO back in the old days and it was just OK. Worried about residue , so we use Everyclear Grain Alchohol. Nothing left behind you wouldn't drink anyway. Safest way to go.
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    highest alcohol % u can find, i wish my niebohr still had tha white lightning or better said i still had the nieghbor,

    i like the way iso makes it hard and easier to handle, but i think bho is better and cleaner some i know even add a touch of pure grain ethanol to harden there bho.
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    If you are heating it to evaporate the solvent then you can over dry the oil. Eventually it would dry out and become a crust on the bottom, or if you are mixing it when it is down to the end it could turn more powdery.

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