Isopropyl Alcohol THC Extraction SUCCESS!!

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    Hello everyone on the cannabis boards! i've posted a couple of times but this is my first post in quite a while, even though i've still been reading all your guy's posts. Heres my Iso Hash story Enjoy!:jointsmile:

    *Pic 1 ---->

    *Pic 2---->

    So when i got home from school early, around 11:00 AM, i decided i wanted to make some Iso Hash! So i have a small glass jar (See Pic 1) and i filled it about 3/5 of the way up with ground up mids.

    I then found the Isopropyl alcohol that i needed, it was 91% so i thought it was pretty good, i filled the jar to the line with the alcohol. I proceeded to shake it violently while watching my new 40" Samsung LCD HDTV MMmmmm it looks soo good :D.

    So i shook it about every 2 min for about 40 seconds
    i did this for about 2 hours then put it in my closet to sit. I waited about 3 hours later, then shook it alot again then put it back away.

    About an hour ago i took a Golded metal coffee filter and poured the mix into it and had the drippings caught in a 8' X 8' Glass baking pan. Next i put the plant matter into the glass jar again, fill the jar to the line with the alcohol, shake for about an hour, then let it sit for 30 min.

    I then repeated the step where I poured it through the golden metal coffee filter into the pan. To let all the alcohol evaporate i placed the plate on a level surface next to my open window with a fan blasted on high blowing directly over it.

    I then scrapped it with a razor, and i added baking soda to solidify the hash resin, i then made a small ball out of it and put it in a cellophane wrapper and squished it into a small pillow shape(See Pic 2). I just took 2 Gravity Bong hits of it, and it wasn't harsh at all and got me higher than i've been in a long time.

    I would recommend this meathod to anyone who wants to make small amounts of hash easily in about 2-3 hours. Thanks all for reading and i'd love to hear some helpful comments thanks again!

    []Deace :jointsmile:

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    doesnt seem worth had a jar full of halfway decent bud and you made a tiny bit of hash.just smoke all that with a grav and you will be way more lifted.but I commend your effort:thumbsup:
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    Man... i admire your amount of patience for shake a jar of alcohol and weed for such long time... i myself extract hash oil with a method much like yours (the main difference i use acetone instead isopropyl alcohol) , but shake only once and during 1-2 minutes, and then let it for some 2-3 days. After it i evaporate the acetone and get the hash oil.

    Did you smoke once all the hash oil you get from all that weed? If so, how much weed do you smoke usually?
    I dont know about you, but for me the amount of hash oil you seemed to got (from what i could measure by the picture) would last at least one entire week (of daily/twice a day smoke)... if i smoked all it at once, i could easily have a blackout... :stoned::stoned::abduct:
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    you are not too smart noob. read up on better methods mmmmm

    make better hash with better methods. butane noob
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