It is time once again.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BarefootPete, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Elena_La_Loca

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    oh noes!!!! RIP male...
  2. BarefootPete

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    They look nice too me. I was thinking of doing some pest control I'm thinking something spicyyy
    20190125_075943.jpg 20190125_080019.jpg 20190125_080044.jpg 20190125_080023.jpg 20190125_080058.jpg 20190125_080119.jpg
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  3. BarefootPete

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    I also have a question now ...that im typing this I'll probably go search it myself but right now while they're in veg what kinda light cycle is best?how much sleep shall I give them ?they're running on 0 sleep at the moment .I'm used to the sun doing all the work
  4. BarefootPete

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    So here they are I transplanted the ones in cups into something a little bigger I haven't taken pics of those yet but
    20190129_073406.jpg 20190129_073410.jpg 20190129_073413.jpg 20190129_073415.jpg 20190129_073419.jpg 20190129_073422.jpg 20190129_073424.jpg 20190129_073434.jpg
  5. BarefootPete

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    Here's a pic they're doing pretty good
  6. Weezard

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    Gonna get crowded in there, yah?
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  7. BarefootPete

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    I'm hoping so the I'm thinking of getting another light in there
  8. BarefootPete

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    They look nice I think. I went and got a simple little timer today they'll be sleeping some finally. I got some water bubbling. just waiting for them to dry out now.
    20190203_203426.jpg 20190203_203602.jpg 20190203_203501.jpg 20190203_203538.jpg
  9. BarefootPete

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  10. BarefootPete

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    So another light is going to be bought asap. Currently looking for a fertilizer close to this stuff called chickity doodoo that I used to use it worked great but was was 5 3 2 I believe and worked amazing as a tea i remember the water would be jumping it was so alive. Besides that they're growing like the weeds they are I used some spinosad for pest control. I'll probably spray again soon.
  11. Mass Medicinals

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    Great grow!

    You need to make it one plant per pot. They are going to compete for everything and will hurt the final result if you don't. It isn't a very hard thing to do and you can certainly do it in a way where both will survive. Just be gentle and try not to overly stress out the roots.

    For lighting you could try going into 12/12 once all of the plants are around 1ft in height. Or you might want to consider reducing down to the best 4-8 plants.

    Enjoying this grow and look forward to seeing more posts.

  12. BarefootPete

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    What's up everybody been a bit busy lately here's the latest pic i have from the 16 of last month they are doing just fine.
    I'll go back there later and take a couple more pics everything is Bugs no deficiency no problems.the only problem now is space it's time to upgrade everything pot size more light more water bubbling.I won't be flowering any of these indoors or anytime soon. they'll get grown till I can put them outside into the earth.
  13. BarefootPete

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    Well here they are. 20190302_123523.jpg 20190302_123548.jpg 20190302_123554.jpg

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