It wont go away! so i consumed a little more, what are my options

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by miked583, Sep 19, 2009.

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    ok so I decided to stop smoking cannabis for my own personal preference, and to be able to pass drug tests again without the use of detox/drinks/or from the bs they sell that says works. I want my body to be clean by itself.
    I had stopped for exactly 33 days, then took an at home drug test and still failed a week ago.
    then I was at a friends birthday party and decided to take 3 hits (exact number of hits taken)
    my question is, did I just restart the 40-45 day wait? because I was sure i woudlve passed before this incident.
    actual answers please, no personal opinions on the use of cannabis, like "stop smoking", cause believe me, I already know this.

    height 6'4
    weight 245 (not all fat, i have a 22% BMI, so some muscle weight is contributed)
    workout daily, drink at LEAST 150 fl oz a day, and am on a pretty healthy diet, no sodas, no candy (food with sugar as the first or second ingredient), fast food or anything obviously unhealthy.

    any help would be much appreciated, btw its for my military physical
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  2. lamapot

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    The best you can do is to once again use the at-home testers.

    3 Tokes IS enough to test positive, even 100% clean.

    Be smart, be safe - be certain. Take the test and know for sure.
  3. miked583

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    thank you for your input, very much appreciated.
    my question tho since its obviously postive now, am i looking at another 30+ days of waiting and natural detoxing, or since it was a one time small amount does it flush through my system a little faster. faster meaning another week or 2
  4. lamapot

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    You said that after 33 days of sobriety you still tested positive. Taking that into consideration, it may take longer for even a small amount of ingested herb to pass.

    Usually, though, you would be fine in a week or so depending on what you do in the day; fluid intake, etc.

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