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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Johnlava, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Johnlava

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    Hey guys,

    Kinda new person to this site and i just bought a portable electronic iTorch Vaporizer. Cost around 180$ and i think its pretty cool.

    The only thing is so far i didnt really get too high from it...

    I'm wondering if im possibly doing something wrong... if this is how vaporizers just are, or what.

    maybe someone who has one can help me.
  2. Hereretic

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    I haven't used that vape, but no, that's not what vaping is like. When we first vaped (Iolite) we were doing it wrong (not letting it get to temp, not inhaling slowly like taking a drink from a milkshake, filling the vape too full). When we figured it out we realized how AMAZING vape highs are. Smoke now makes me feel ill and my high is much more foggy and down. With vape it's just cleaner and VERY potent. So if you aren't getting high it's either the vape sucks or you suck at vaping (I jest, I jest..but you get my point).
  3. Johnlava

    Johnlava Registered

    Well yeah actually with more use of it it actually works great just a little adjusting to the new methods..
  4. captblaze

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    care to post a quick review? i am interested in this vape and would like to know some particulars (battery type, actual usage time...) about the unit.

    most sites that sell this vape have limited info and would appreciate a first hand account from an actual owner.

    thanks in advace

  5. Johnlava

    Johnlava Registered

    Id have to say it is a great vaporizer for portability.

    The battery life is great it can be used for days on a single charge!

    It usually takes about 5 minutes to fully heat up even though the instructions say 2 minutes. However, this really isn't much of a problem and works fine.

    The only thing I would recommend about this product is to make sure to clean it out after every use. I forgot a couple times and the mouth piece stuck into the vape where it screws in. After turning it on I was able to get it out easily once it was re-heated.

    Also, this vaporizer is really meant for single person use. If your planning on taking it to a group session it really only works to pass around with other things. By yourself though it is great!

    So I would recommend this product mainly if your looking for convenience and portability. I actually prefer this over the Iolite too since you never have to fill it with butane.

    FUBARH Registered

    I agree with Johnlava's comments. I would rate it 4+ outta 5 stars.

    I've had mine about a week, given it regular daily workouts (perhaps 3 or 4 sessions a day), and I'm still working off the initial charge. I get medium-dark roasted coffee ABV after 3-5 productive vaps per chamber load. Perhaps 0.1g - 0.15g per load, as 0.2g loads seem to adversely effect draw.

    The unit is elliptical shaped (real easy to hold in your hand) about 5 inches high by half that wide and maybe an inch thick in the middle. The top quarter is a heatsink kinda configuration with finned metal that gets at most warm to the touch, while the bottom 3/4s is smooth. It weighs about 9 ounces (254 g) ready-to-go, so my shirt pocket is not going to be my first choice as mode of transport. It's powered by three oversized 3.7v 2400 mAh rechargeable batteries, that completely recharge in under 4 hours, and directly affect the unit's size. It's made in China, but/and well designed regarding control button layout. There is a red button (battery on/off) on the side under the heating element, and a black button (heating element on/off) on the opposite side. Depressing and holding these two buttons simutaneously for ~ 3 seconds starts the unit, and also lights up a LED display under the iTORCH nameplate. These LEDs indicate battery (red), flashlight (green) and heating element (blue) status, whether on or off.

    It will auto-shutoff after 15 minutes (so there's no unnecessary battery drain in the event off a nod off). A session can be one and done, with a brief warmup, but ideally lasts between 4 and 6 minutes (probably the "sweet spot" for reaching optimum temperature), and you can toggle the on/off switch for the heating element during extended breaks.

    The one con so far: while tolerable, the draw is a tad tight and takes getting used to.

    Would I recommend it to a friend? A resounding "YES" with one qualifier: it is chinese, and it is all-electronic, so the jury's still out longevity and durability. Ask me in a year how I feel.

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