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    my birthday was friday and my future wife got me a i vapr from vapegear i havent tryed it out because i ohnestly wanted the hotbox they both have the element staright instead of at an up angle which i thick is better well i think cause ive never owned a vaporizer it looks really nice but its not hands free which to me is no biggie plus it has temp control. my question is the ivape vaporizer good and does it hit all the people at uckcombustion say da budda is better but then they say the ssv is the best which is weid cause they all say hands free is better then why do they prefer the ssv oh well if someone could answer this for me , im not gonna use the ivape if noones ever heard of it
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    The iVape is a good unit. It's not a huge seller but it's been around for years. I would choose it over other better known box vapes due to the horizontal heater angle. Hands free is NOT better than standard. It's just a preference. I prefer standard and that's mainly why I bought the SSV instead of the DBV. I would prefer the DBV over a box vape due to the weight difference. You tend to shove the box around with the whip because of the light weight. It's no big deal though. Just back it up against something to keep it steady. I'd go ahead and use the iVape. It should give you good service.

    I have to tell you that's not accurate at all. "All the people"? I know that's not true, since I've read every post on the forum. Please don't add to all the bad info out there on the web.

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