Ive been freaking out.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by puffinlala, Nov 1, 2010.

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    This is my first time posting on this site and I AM Desperate. I have completed everything I need to in order to get a job BESIDES for the drug test. I was a daily smoker (1-3 times) for 2 nd a half years. I have now been smoke free for 27 days. I tested myself 3 days ago and I saw a very faint line. I went out of town for halloween weekend and people were smoking around me while I was sleeping. I tested myself today and the line was EXTREMELY FAINT to the point where I was questioning if I was just seeing things. I have been drinking a fair amount of fluids and plan on continuing to do so as my test is tomoro around 3. I also went out and bought some flush out detox stuff that you are supposed to drink 45 minutes before the drug test. It is called Champ Flush Out Detox. However, one of the main ingredients is riboflavin which I have read can cause false positives. I am freaking out and it probly has something to do with the fact that I cant smoke and dont want to fail by takin my normal anxiety medication. What should I do? Should I drink this 7 dollar flush? The main ingredients are:
    Riboflavin 20 mg
    Guarana extract 333 mg
    Milk Thistle extract 333 mg
    Echinacea Extract 333 mg
    Creatine 1000 mg
    I will probly never smoke again just because of all the stress Ive had to deal with. I would appreciate any help.
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    thanks for the help guys. I understand that all the info should be in the forums but ive been through them and there is nothing about this riboflavin stuff.
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    There are tons of info on Riboflavin (aka vitamin B2). And it does not cause false positives or negatives. B2 is used during dilution techniques to bring color back to urine.

    ALL detox products work because of dilution. That means they work because of the water that youre instructed to drink with them. The ingredients listed do NOTHING to rid the body of THC. The products are nothing but a big scam to seperate the credulous from their cash. You can spend up to $200 on a magic detox potion and accomplish nothing different than what can be accomplished with just water and vitamin B2.

    Why feed the scam artists when you can do the same thing by following the guidelines outlined in this link: http://boards.cannabis.com/drug-testing/1147-dilution-tips-tricks-guidelines.html

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