jack hair

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by hahaitsdoogle, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    anyone ever heard of this strain..

    I came upon 2 circles, in each circle there was 350 Dollars.

    a phat bag, a fat payment.
    :p post pics when i get my cord from my moms.
  2. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    oh i read up its called jack herer
  3. Wotan

    Wotan Registered

    Ah Jack Herror, that is a good strain. Good weed which makes people go stoned and 'blury'. Good stuff:thumbsup:[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  4. chisme

    chisme Guest

    aoarently in dam' its known as a lgith hitting smoke..not as intense as a white widow but mighty fine!

    suprised at your doogle its a very old strain. :D
  5. Sauce

    Sauce Registered+

    Good strain, nice uplifting high more sativa. I'll have my hands on some
    pepper jack soon
  6. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    you will LOVE the pepper jack, one of the best strains I tried and smells like pepper/carrots!
  7. IanCurtisWishlist

    IanCurtisWishlist Registered+

    it is very tasty. i bought a half of it one time. mmmm.
  8. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    anyone happen to know what they crossed jack herer with to make pepperjack?
  9. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    yeah 2 ounces for 700 is STEEP AS FUCK. but its a good strain, it looks exactly like the pictures on the internet, omg. its so delicious, 1/2 was gone in a matter of 40 mins at a party, mostly grams were sold :p Mostly 20 a gram, some 25. :p
  10. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    Also, yeah this is 2 hitter quitter.
    Very pleasent smoke, dont know how much of a hit you have untill you blow it out :)

    Body high, more cerebral.... floaty feelings
  11. 3rdEyeVision

    3rdEyeVision Registered+

    got some "jack herrer" once.....usually is never the same strain when buying on the streets though....it was real hairy and not dense at all.......pretty good high though

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