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  1. firestartersydd

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    Ok so apparently there is this strain called "Jedi" and from what I heard, you can't build up a tolerance to this strain. It is supposed to be ideal for medical patients because of this property and if anyone knows anything about it, I am really interested in learning more. Over the years I find myself smoking more and more just to do the trick ( I've been smoking mostly bag weed, I dont really have that much experience with dro, and absolutely none with medical grade) so this is a strain that I find really intriguing. Any thoughts?
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    Strain: Jedi OG Kush
    Genetics: OG Genetics
    Type: Indica Dominant
    High: Heavy hitting indica. Strong body and head high. Very stoney.
    Smell: Straight skunk with a strong lemon/pine aroma.
    Taste: Very resinous - Skunk/Pine finish
    Overall Rating: 9.9 of 10
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  3. Anonymouse

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    Yeah, I'd like to get my hands on some of those seeds, OG Kush is some heavy stuff

    Not develop any tolerance? I'll take the pepsi challenge on that.
  4. firestartersydd

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    Thanks TS. Lmao @ mouse. Thats exactly what I was thinking.
  5. chief801

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    OG Kush

    Got my hands on some OGK awhile back, It is nice
  6. CovertCarpenter

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    Have heard about a strain called Jedi...

    ...but it's from a seed bank (which shall remain nameless) which seems to WAY overcharge for their seeds.

    Now if there was some way of guaranteeing the yield that they post (iirc, for the J. strain, was something like 41%thc or higher...), I might be interested in taking out a small mortgage to pick up a packet...

    AS for not being able to pick up a tolerance, I'd like to see that...

    I'd pay money to see that...
  7. Anonymouse

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    My favorite way to deal with tolerance is to mix up what you smoke occasionally. I'm hoping to have 4 strains going feeding me a small but nice variety.
  8. MadSativa

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    I think you can build a tollerance to any herb, but if its a strain that comes from the OG Kush I am sure it would take longer than usual. OG Kush is nice powerful ish. I have seen jedi but I didnt try it I had some romulan at the time and I was already to blazed to skip around galexies, lol I hear it good ish too though that jedi.
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  9. psychocat

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    Tolerance is just the way it is , I for one do not believe the claim.
  10. coolslayer

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    I would enjoy trying some.

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