Jesus is against cannabis.

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by PureEvil760, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. PureEvil760

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    I'm sorry to announce but I found out today that Jesus is indeed against the use of cannabis..oh well.. :stoned::Rasta::Rasta:
  2. psteve

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  3. Gandalf_The_Grey

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    Well you can't just walk in here and state it, give us a link! Or is this one of those "channelings" again...:wtf:
  4. D.Boone

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    i doubt he was against cannabis. some evangelical christian or some other radical christian or catholic probably just came up with that to slander weed. just like the government propaganda ads against marijuana most of what the say isnt true.
  5. psteve

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    It's pure blasphemy. The bible clearly says that every green herb was given to us by god, and that god wants us to use them.
    Jesus loves the herb.
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  6. Coelho

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    Pure Evil, does it mean you will stop smoking?
  7. MajMike

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    Negative . . .

    As a healer, I think it more likely that He was accustomed to it's use as medicine (especially there on the edge of Persia), and would only be against it if it ruled your life.
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  8. xsw2

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    your name says it all , pure evil
  9. STIMPY21

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    Any thing that controls your life in a negative way is sin. For some 1 beer is to many. For those to drink is a sin. Some people cannot control their lust, and thus it rules their life and is a sin. Some people's lives are ruled solely by $$, and thus greed is a sin. That does not mean for any one to drink a few beers, enjoy sex, and want to save a few bucks is a sin. I believe that any thing in excess can be sinful. Seek moderation and follow the ten commandments, which by the way are good thinmgs to do anyway.
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  10. darth stoner

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    damn, better roll another one up because of that
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  11. couch-potato

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    I find it disturbing that people are so pumped to follow the ten commandments in Exodus 20 but then ignore the concept of selling your daughter into slavery in Exodus 21... :wtf:
  12. Oneironaut

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    Indeed. Right after the Ten Commandments God gives a whole slew of rules on how to properly conduct the ownership of slaves, and all throughout Exodus are rules on how to properly conduct animal sacrifices whose scents are "pleasing to the Lord". Why, out of all these commandments, are only those Ten considered sacred? Nowhere is there a verse that says "Just kidding" or "You can start ignoring this one in a few thousand years once you develop more sophisticated moral and legal philosophies".

    Anyhow, back to the original topic, there is nothing in the New Testament about weed. Believe me, I've read it.
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  13. MajMike

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    The Ten Commandments . . .

    Why do most Christians keep talking about the Ten Commandments? I read the New Testament, and the Two Commandments replaced the Ten, according to Jesus.

    1. Love God with all your heart, might, mind, and soul.
    . . . and the second is like unto the first . . .
    2. Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

    That's it, those Two include the Ten and any other thing you can think of, interpreted broadly.

    The Mosaic law was done away with by the Christ, it was a lesser law than the Two given above. The Israelites were not ready for these broad law's, and so were given specifics (see Deuteronomy) on everything. After all, they were worshipping a golden calf when Moses came down the mountain, that's got to tell you something about their state of development.

    Just a pet peeve of mine, when they ignore their own scriptures (I am a Christian, but 'they' are the unbendable ones).
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  14. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    Speaking of Christians ignoring parts of their holy book, what's up with them not reading Matthew 5:17-19? These are supposed to be the words from Jesus' own mouth, right in the middle of the freaking Sermon on the Mount.
    That means Mosaic law is still in effect, and I deserve to be stoned because I just got done breaking the commandment against working on the Sabbath.
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  15. MajMike

    MajMike Registered+

    The law . . .

    I agree that He came not to destroy the law, but He did come to redefine the law and give us a deeper understanding of what it meant. The Two encompass the Ten and virtually everything else one can think of, it was a broadening of perspective not possible with the Israelites in the time of Moses.

    It's the difference between a crush and being in love, each is true but one is deeper and truer. With the New Testament and Christ's teachings we are given a higher law, one that requires more of us that ever before.

    I seek not to convince you, just to further explain my position.
  16. Anubis10012007

    Anubis10012007 Registered+

    Would the Jesus of history say it is bad...or the Jesus of religion? There is a difference.

    Know ye not that the 4 canonical Gospels were edited years after they were written? Paul's letters predate the Gospels, so how could Paul have know what Jesus really said?

    I think the Jesus of religion would because Christianity has always been a dogmatic religion before the Edict of Milan in 313 AD.

    Just look at Irenaeus' "Against Heresies" which he wrote demonizing the Gnostics in the second century AD.

    But the Jesus of religion is also quoted as saying in Matthew 15:11 "It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man."

    I believe cannabis is a master plant..connected to higher spirit realms. I don't smoke to get "fucked up". I use it to relax my mind and body and concentrate on certain things and get better insights.

    Jesus' main teachings were about unconditional love and acceptance of others...mostly to those whom were called sinners and outcasts.
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  17. PureEvil760

    PureEvil760 Registered+

    wow, really got flamed to hell on that one..not gonna stop smoking it but it was from the book walking with the master by elizabeth clare
  18. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    Okay, so please explain to me your position on how Jesus gives us a "deeper understanding" of the meaning of the following commandments from the Lord:
    I really don't see how Jesus' "love thy neighbor" philosophy meshes with selling people into slavery or stoning gay men and rape victims. These were barbaric laws and certainly not divinely inspired. There is no deeper truth to a passage that directly commands you to kill gay men. What's the deeper truth to that? That God is a bigot?

    Either Jesus was lying when he said he would not destroy one jot or tittle of the law (these are some pretty significant jots and tittles, you must admit), or Jesus does indeed advocate slavery and execution of gays and rape victims.
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  19. PureEvil760

    PureEvil760 Registered+

    Yea, "it" was "from" a "channeling" "."
  20. jahjahjahjah

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    Then why are there references to cannabis in the bible ? The healing Tree cmon it's obvious.

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