Jesus is against cannabis.

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by PureEvil760, Jul 1, 2007.

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    You are really funny.......

    Especially since He is the one who invented the stuff..........

    You were obviously speaking to someone who really doesn't know Jesus......

    Think about it my friend..... Your body and every other living creature on this planet was equipped with endocannabinoid receptors in every vital part of your body. And this silly little weed that is native to every part of the world just happens to produce cannabinoids that effectively provide healing for some of the worst conditions we face. Not to mention that even when you are buzzed you are not intoxicated. You can still drive a car and operate heavy machinery and function well on every level. Contrary to popular belief, it does not even kill brain cells..... It actually protects and regrows them. He even gave us a nice variety of buzzes so we would be sure to enjoy it......

    Again, my ill-informed friend, who but God himself could have created such a union. ........ The Devil wouldn't have done this for you, you can bet on that...

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    On my opinion, I don't think he was against it, but he certainly didn't maintain it. Spiritual way is about getting high condition without "instruments". Try to sit in meditation more than one hour - you will get the same effect and it'll be clear. Than you will see this condition will be accomplished by you shortly and shortly. One day you can even refuse to smoke mj )
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    I stated this before. The bible is a book on how to live a good life. Do I believe anything more than But its a fact if you follow the teachings you'll be a better person than I. Myself, I dont follow it.
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    Not sinning, loving your children, trees of life, the Lord cleansing blood stains by a spirit of judgment that burns...

    I am pretty much following the Bible. Remember, every manor has a Lord.
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    2000 years ago there wasn't much in terms of learning by the Scientific Method.

    Today, we know there are billions of galaxies. The silly idea of mankind made 'in his image', a 'personal god', has pretty much been debunked.

    Those who want to go around believing some peasants of thousands of years ago... have the right to do so. But some of us would rather study at Universities and through self learning.

    The day I fully realized my morals were very much better than those proclaimed in scriptures spoken by this mythical 'god', was when I knew it was nothing more than wishful thinking by those peasants of yesteryear. It's hard to pull yourself out of all the mind manipulation given to you by your parents (who didn't know better), but when you do, is when you truly experience freedom.

    I want everyone to succeed with growing. Only when more in this world learns first hand about cannabis, will opinions change.
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    Jesus is not and does not kill and stone gays or anyone else. Men do that. Men who's hearts are full evil and continually seeking to destroy.
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    So you believe nothing exploded and here we are? Your belief system ignores history, archeology, science and logic.

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