Jesus is against cannabis.

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by PureEvil760, Jul 1, 2007.

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    weed was the forbidden tree in the garden of eden, which is in iraq.
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    im confirmed dna type to be of middle eastern origin, so this is just my cup of tea. its my book, and my tradition.

    im telling you. jesus was into pot. there is no way he couldnt be!
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    Jump 4 Jesus! a dog
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    genesis 1:12
    And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

    there it is, not to mention god speaking through the burning bush
    and personally i dont think jesus really gave a crap about weed seeing as how hes turning water to wine running with hookers and all.performing miracles remember when the bible was writen by a man it was for the purpose to control a kingdom whose people feared god more than local laws cause if you think people are stupid now thousands of years ago man. marriage is between a man and a woman is a good law whaen people are getting sick from fucking sheep. men killing each other cause everybody is banging their nieghbors wife.
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    i dont know why everyone is being caught up from this.. pureevil sounds like a person who doesnt believe in the whole christanity bit.. in the old testament many ppl got stoned from illegal acts.. stoned as in killed by stones.. surely times has changed... but the bible doesnt really talk about weed... nor does it say that you will goto hell from smoking it.. people infer that it is evil.. i say since its vague, people have their own opinion and listen to other ignorant people saying its evil.. im sure pureevil has never read the bible.. but you dont need to read to bible to know that what your doing is holy.. smoking weed and doing something immoral doesnt mean your doing something holy..
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    This is a good point, we use what 10% of our brain? 20% at most?
    Jesus used more, simply. So did Shiva, Mohammed, all these 'Gods'

    Do you know what was taken out of the Bible?
    Jesus said 'All these things I do, you can do and more'

    FFS, That's a silly statement! :D
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    I'm a Pagan, I do believe Jesus walked this Earth, and I believe he was/is a very special person, but I have serious problems with the bible, some things I hold very dear to my heart ' do unto others as you would have them do unto you ' rings very true with me.

    I believe there is evil, but not a devil. I believe Heaven and Hell is right here on Earth - it is what you make of your own life that determines whether your life is Heaven or Hell.

    Cannabis is a medicinal herb, when used in moderation should never be considered a sin.

    Take THC out of my system and watch this peace loving tree hugger turn into a wicked witch (happens after a few days of no appetite/food, and no relief from stress).

    My Goddess is Mother Earth and Cannabis is Her, so to take into myself Cannabis is to take my Goddess into myself and be One with Her.:hippy:
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    well, if LEO, my angry mother and a pissed off ex didnt make me stop. im damn sure jesus' thoughts (or his followers for that matter) on it wouldnt affect me one bit.:jointsmile:

  10. L Rag

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    That's completely and utterly false, we use most of our brain, that's like the biggest false rumour ever.
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    i think 10% refers to how much we consciously use, that is how much we are, actively, in control of using.
  12. Breukelen advocaat

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  13. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    yeah, how many things do we do that actively engage 100% of the brain's potential?
  14. illuminati

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    "That's completely and utterly false, we use most of our brain, that's like the biggest false rumour ever."

    Well...100+ years of documented study by people who devote their lives to the study of the human brain may have a better idea than just your OWN personal opinion.

    the acutal SCIENTIFIC numbers are as follows:

    12% consciuos

    88% SUBconscious

    You do not CONSCOIUSLY use the other 88% because it is being used for bodily functions, memory, digestion and many other factors your consciuos mind cannot handle.

    if it did you would forget to breathe.

    Now, to think that 88% of your brain is just sitting there wasting space, or has un-lockeable telekenetic abilities is as rash as believing that in the time the theoretical jesus walked the earth,performing healings and miracles, to believe that he did NOT use the MOST COMMON FORM OF MEDICINE IN THE AINCIENT WORLD to heal is as such niave.

    Thats like saying modern doctors do not use saline or ibuprofin.


    Utilize that 12% EFFECTIVELY.
  15. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! we have a winner!
  16. L Rag

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    Dude, you miss my point completely.
    I was replying to Smudgeyboy - "This is a good point, we use what 10% of our brain? 20% at most?"
    Where did he say consciously? Where did I say consciously? I only argued that we don't use 10% of our brains, I never said anything about conscious use. And I know you're right, most of it is unconscious, like all of the reptilian brain just used for heart beat,respiration,keeping chemical levels constant etc... But I wasn't WRONG, we we're both right, you just misunderstood me.
    Btw, it's not my own personal opinion, it's the opinion of many psychology text books and my university lecturers.
  17. illuminati

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    "... But I wasn't WRONG, we we're both right, you just misunderstood me."

    I just jumped in the forum...didn't even read your post.

    I just threw it out there.
  18. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    brain scans look like a butterfly.

    now think about that, the superconscious...

    the "flap" of a "butterfly's wings" can cause tsunamis across the globe.

    maybe that's code for superconscious psychic powerz! :D

    im mostly kidding, but who knows what kind of vibrations the brain gives off... technically vibrations never die, they just disperse and become larger and less noticable as they travel outward from the source...
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    This is my first post, and I must agree with the rastafarian. Marijuana
    is mentioned in the bible as a constituent part of the 'holy annointing oil', which was used to annoint Jesus Christ, even immediately prior to his crucifiction. It is mentioned as 'kanna-bos', in the Hebrew bible I believe, which is arguably similar to a plant called calamus. It translates into english as 'the fragrant reed', and it is thought to have grown adjacent to running bodies of water in sandy areas. The holy annointing oil is said to have consisted of olive oil, cinnamon, myrrh, cannabis, and some other herbs and ingredients and it makes sense as the olive oil would break down the THC and dissolve it into the mixture through mashing in a mortar bowl. It may be sinful for the way it is consumed by smoking and by not practicing moderation.
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    BULLSHIT!!!!!!! he claims he is the son of god. his father created ALL living things PLANT and ANIMAL to use. In Genesis, God gives humankind "every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth"
    Now your father gives you a new sports car but your uncle JEsus takes the KEYS!
    Hot wire it and fire it up!
    dad said so!

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