Jesus is against cannabis.

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    good point. but then comes into play, the right and wrong way to use anything, tools, cars, plants, etc.

    using a gun to shoot a person = wrong
    using a gun to protect a person from another person = neutral
    using a gun for target practice = okay

    uh i g2g lol we'll chat more! :p
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    Then thats humanitys fault. maybe we should ban cars (people get run over sometimes on purpose). if you believe in god then you must believe in the devil. You cant have good without bad up with out down and left without right.
    It is in the heart of the user as to if its good or bad. Should we then ban Jesus?
    Jim Jones Guyana.??????????????? David Koresh Waco???????????
    twisted words for twisted minds.
    Why not ban humanity??? lets get it over with. the great experment of the gods.
    I liken what the bible says to playing the game "grapevine" in kindergarden.
    the bible was an oral tradition for hundereds of years untill the printing press, and even then you had to be wealthy or reley on monks or priests to translate cus the masses couldn't read let alone speak greek, hewbrew or latin.
    So every new generation added or subtracted or translated it differantly ( thus the number of denominations).
    For example when i was a young boy we played GRAPEVINE. the teacher would have us sit in a tight circle and she would whisper it in the persons ear next to her. and then it would get passed on to the next person and so on untill it got to the last person who would blert it out. 9 times out of 10 what started out as "Spot was a good dog" ended up as something totally diferant.
    Cannabis is here to help humanity, humanity is here to profit from its prohibition.

    jesus was a stoner.
    thus the robe and sandles.
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    banning things wont make a damned bit of difference, actually, no, it would create more problems.

    banning something only creates more problems than leaving the banned subject alone.

    for example, banning guns would make gun users into criminals that they are not.
    banning cannabis has turned ordinary people into criminals where there are none.
    banning anything only creates more problems than are trying to be resolved by banning something.

    what we need is not regulations and authority, but PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    it's not the resources that we use that are at fault, it is US.
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    ok lets ban common sense
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    Jesus Christ and the Father are one and the same.

    Matthew 22
    41 While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them,
    42 Saying, What think ye of Christ? whose son is he? They say unto him, The son of David.
    43 He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying,
    44 The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?
    45 If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?
    46 And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

    This proves that Jesus and God Almighty are the same. Thus, if God made all the herbs for us to use, then it makes sense that it would be a part of the holy annointing oil, since it is said in the bible that anything this oil touches is instantly made holy, and Jesus was annointed frequently with cannabis- laced oil - which would probably get you kinda high if used topically like lotion. THC lotion.....may be on to something there...
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    way to confuse the concepts of the past with improper translations from Hebrew! :thumbsup:
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    I think everyone needs to stop arguing and appreciate this one more time.

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    The Holy Spirit can find use in anything. Used in love, cannabis can serve the good of the whole. Used without love, its just another idol, a drug. MH
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    Say for instance, man is running from God ever since the fall of Adam... God loves man but man fears the judgement of God and pursues things that help compensate for the Love of God (namely idols). In this pursuit, we evolve through stages of Knowledge (Gnostic Knowledge, tree of good & evil...). Jesus (and many other teachers) attempt to teach us that All is Forgiven, but we just don't get it (what does the poor guy have to do, get crucified?)

    Jesus knows that idols only serve to perpetuate the belief that our world is good enough and we don't need Gods Love. Our egos would kill God in order that we may be gods. Cannabis, or anything else in this world, isn't evil, its nothing but illusions that we made up relative to the Primary error. The First error of Adam was that the unbelievable belief that God banished him, when he banished himself and has been running ever since.

    Just a thought. Talk amongst yourselves. MH
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    There are indeed two different translations from Hebrew on the word that can be translated as calamus, another aromatic plant, and cannabis. It has been argued as meaning calamus, and other times as cannabis. I personally believe it was indeed cannabis, simply from the constituents of the oil. THC is not water soluble but is soluble in fats and oils. The olive oil in the annointing oil would indeed dissolve the THC into solution.....which in turn, the effervescent myrhh or mint or whatever, would facilitate the absorption into the epidermis by causing the pores to dilate. Im not sure of calamus' essence being fat soluble or not. Both calamus (sweet flag) and cannabis can be described as a 'fragrant reed', and would grow exceptionally well in sandy soil with water nearby, such as the wetlands. Calamus also contains a chemical called asarone, which is a pest killer and antibacterial. So either way, both concoctions should have medicinal effects. I discount neither. Calamus is also hallucinogenic, so either way, Jesus was getting HIGH. And so was whoever was annointed. In Exodus 30:23 "kaneh bosem" is translated "fragrant cane" or "fragrant reed". I think the etymology of the word is neutral, and translation is basically semantics, seeing as both plants are PSYCHOACTIVE.
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    Why did Jesus cover people in Cannabis oil then?


    Edit: I disagree with the Calamus translation. While it has medicinal benefits it does not exhibit some of the extreme effects that the holy anointing oil was said to produce in the Bible, e.g. healing skin diseases and curing sight problems. (Glaucoma anyone?)
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    PureEvil is quoting cult literature

    Pure Evil, who started this thread mentions Elizabeth Claire as his scource. Uhm, that being Elizabeth Claire Prophet, the cult leader from montana. Prolly not so reliable...
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    It has be reported for a long time that the essential oils of marijuana have an antibacterial, viricidal and antifungal effect. Also a recent issue of HT had an article describing the anticancer effects of essential oils of cannabis, namely the fact that thc has the effect of giving cancer cells the munchies, causing them to shift to a phase called autophagy, in which the oils initiate automatic programmed cell death in the affected cancer cell, which in turns triggers a cascade of programmed cell death (necrosis) in the surrounding cancerous tissue, yet leaving normal healthy tissue alone. A man has been reportedly going around the country for the past 20 years or so administering this treatment and successfully curing a multiple range of cancers, including stage 4 lung carcinoma and malignant melanoma. The oils were ingested for the internal cancers and applied topically for the skin cancers. The man has been harrased and arrested repeatedly by the Feds and they follow and harrass him.
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    that contradicts what god says in the bible so i'll stick with what the man up stairs says, plus its alot better than most other pills and meds that are out there
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    all things are lawful for me,though not all things are useful to me,but i will not become a slave by anything.....thats in the bible
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    Hi PureEvil760! But Cannabis plant is not being misused. Its just one of the best medicine for many severe diseases. Its the best way to safe human from incurable diseases.

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