Jobs That Do Not Drug Test?

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  1. kaisersoce25

    kaisersoce25 Registered

    I've searched the web looking for an extensive list of jobs that don't require an analisys, i'll keep serching! can anyone help me find this information, i could always just call the company prior to showing up for an application, but then they'll be on the lookout, hehe!

    thanx for the replies!
  2. xNoa

    xNoa Registered+

    im sure it depends more on the company
    but noone drug tests in england really
  3. Jake0steve

    Jake0steve Registered

    Hmm, well how old are you? Are you looking for a part time job in high school or college or what?

    I found out that the only job's that drug test, around here at least, are ones that require you to drive or government work like mailmen.
  4. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    Most fast-food places dont, its usually optional. Then mom and pop places dont.
  5. greenguy

    greenguy Registered+

    Try municipalities....Highway,water,traffic safety,parks:). Most don't test unless you have a commercial drivers lic. A my job I only get $500 more a year for a CDL(like 12 cents an hour) and then I'm in the drug test pool.
  6. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    most residential constuction jobs dont require you to give up your privacy or sell your soul just to earn a living..but require several yrs of learning the trade [ depending on how fast you learn ] before you can start doing the work for your self ..most small ma & pa biz's also dont ask you to piss to work..and those smaller biz's tend to take much better care of thier help than some heartless global corperation that want's to micro manage your entire life... then fire you after 19 years of service so they dont have to give you a pension
  7. mellowman420

    mellowman420 Registered+

    most restaurants don't.
  8. Avengerdriver

    Avengerdriver Registered+

    I've found that large corporations don't, they might require an initial test before you start (just stay clean for 2 weeks) but then after that there are no "random tests"
  9. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    Aim for small businesses. Usually they don't have the resources to test.
  10. Canadabis

    Canadabis Registered+

    anything in canada.
    or president of the states, apparently anyone can do that shit now, even retards after a rail
  11. summer

    summer Registered+

    Any small businesses, bars, restaurants, diners, delis, bagel stores, most day care centers, movie theaters, Gyms, hair salons, pizza places, travel agencies, relestate agencies, answering phones in offices...........i could go on forever but i think you get the point...........any gov't or union job and most jobs that give health plans you will most likely be tested at least once a year.......
  12. forestcouch

    forestcouch Registered+

    oh shit, what about a post office in a mall? im in canada btw
  13. Cheery Cherry

    Cheery Cherry Registered+

    Hmmm, I've worked in day care centers and offices. They drug tested me. The day care center took my finger prints also.
  14. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    i could see a back ground check..for past child abuse or neglect charges but the piss test and finger prints are a lil extreme for a alledgedly free country
  15. makor01

    makor01 Registered+

    i can kinda see why they would do that at a day care...seeing how there are some baby/kid nappers out there. When it comes to my kids when and if i have any, you cant be too safe.
  16. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    Well, when I moved to Oregon I couldn't find a job due to the drug tetsing policies, despite a great resume, so I just said f'em and started my own company -- I run a PC repair business out of my house.

    No employees yet, but when I get one I will drug test. No drugs, no job. I'm looking for another stoner that likes to tinker with PC's.

    Anyway -- you can start your own business -- lawns, dog walking, or use whatever skills you have.
  17. haha

    haha Registered+

    I heard Burger King doesn't test.

    Watch out though, it's pretty competitive, so be prepared to answer any questions during the interview process.
  18. zonerdck

    zonerdck Registered

    Pot Friendly Bay Area Jobs Come See


    Its Still A Work In Progress But I Update It Everyday. Let Me Know What You Think?:jointsmile:

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