Joint problem (wont stay lit)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Frivolous248, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Well last night I rolled a jay, and it wasn't hitting too well, plus it went out after every hit. So I had to unroll the joint and use my pipe instead, as you can see the papers still in my ashtray. I figured that weed wasn't broken up enough, and it was too thick to draw smoke and also wouldn't burn cause there was no flow, also I may have rolled it too tight.. Well tonight I used scissors and I thought I got it ground up pretty good, and I even unrolled is several times before sealing it to make sure it wasn't too tight. This one hits fine, but it just won't stay light. I've never had this happen to me before so I'm a little confused. The weed doesn't seem like its damp, so I don't think thats the problem, it might be, but I'm not sure.

    Anyone care to give some input?
  2. Even a slight bit of extra moisture will cause runs and joints that go out.If you can bend a decent sized stem and it DOESN'T snap off clean,then you still have excess moisture in the bud.
  3. CBsDankNugs

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    pack it more. that might be your problem. make sure that it is packed tight
  4. I put tobacco in joints to help them burn works nicely and tastes better in my opinion.
  5. WeedGremblin

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    blah dont put baccy in your j's!! keep it pure

    Take a pencil or something a bit smaller than the width and pack in the ends. You could also try letting it dry out more, or breaking the bud up finer.

    I get bud that is impossible to roll joints with, doesnt work, too sticky, feels like its been dipped in maple syrup
  6. CBsDankNugs

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    tb has its place and mj has hers. personally i dont like to mix them. cant rip it as good.
  7. pixel

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    agreed, baccy is harsh to me
  8. well I always did it that way since everyone I know does that over here...It became a habit. I tried pure sometimes but I still like it better with baccy in don't even taste it and I like the little rush nicotine adds :dance:

    I guess everyone has their ways ;)
  9. Captain Hanks

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    wow, that was a peice of crap rolling job you had there, next time you need to take you time on it, keep it somewhat loose, make sure the weed is dry and shredded, when you take the first drag make it long and smooth so it draws back and stays lit,

    better luck next time
  10. Nocturnal Stoner

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    I agree man baccy is good, it helps keep it lit, burns nicely and plus you use less weed to fill up your joints, so you would have more for later, and the baccy does give you a phat headrush, trust its good, and if you have good will power you won't get addicted, i've been blazing with baccy for a year and i'm not addicted, dunno how it would work for you but baccy would keep it burning and in my opinion it's easier to roll with.

  11. Frivolous248

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    -.- I did take my time on it. I can't roll perfect, but I've rolled atleast 10 smokeable joints before.

    Thanks for the tips guys, I just snapped a stem so I'm not sure if its too moist, but I put a piece of paper in the bag just to get it a lil more dry. I'll try again tonight keeping your tips in mind, hopefully it will work.
  12. MeatRulz

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    I'm thinkin its because joints are the gayest thing to smoke out of.
  13. thats weird man
    I love joints, they taste good, you can take em everywhere (its not like carrying a pipe or whatever), they're fun to roll in my opinion and its the method I first started smoking with :D
  14. I second that :)
  15. MeatRulz

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    I always just roll mini blunts even when i only got like a bowl pack and its way better than a joint. joints burn way to fuckin fast.
  16. Frivolous248

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    Yeah, I twist the ends of my joints shut.

    Joints don't suck, you get such thick hits from them, thats why I love 'em.
  17. gee

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    ahahah if you think joints burn thick, try smoking a blunt, than you'll see what thick really is.
  18. Frivolous248

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    Awesome, I rolled a jay tonight and it stayed light the whole time. It was awesome, I'm soo high man. Ha, southparks cool
  19. haha cool this thread lead somewhere :thumbsup:
  20. kingdalg

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    ur rolling 2 tight man!!!! treat ur j like a fine womens pussy........slack as hell!!!

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