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  1. Cronton83

    Cronton83 Registered+

    Quick question for yall. Are blunt rap reall that much better then regular papes? I mean...whats the difference. Either way ur gunna get fucked. Anyway I just wanted ur thoughts on that.

  2. Proof

    Proof Registered+

    off a proper blunt u would get fucked off about 10 tokes, in our blunts we use cigars jus cut down the middle take the tabbaco out and fill it with green and seal it back together works just as good :)
  3. ndhawk

    ndhawk Registered+

    we make our blunts the same way proof does and two maybe three rounds with it a person usually leaves everyone pretty fucked
  4. Valrasha

    Valrasha Registered+

    Blunts are much easier to pass when stoned, and a little bit more rugged. They also come in a nice honey flavoring that kinda inhances the taste.
  5. ineedskillz

    ineedskillz Registered+

    I save all my reg paper roaches and when i have a bunch I roll a huge blunt. And get nice and stoned! and ya those honey wraps are the shit.
  6. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    Berry bluntwraps are king, followed closely by Gin+Juice, Vanilla, and Honey. (Perhaps I'm smoking some different brand of Blunt Wraps?) in any case, make sure the wrap is still good! test it before you buy it, it should be moist and flexible. If it crumbles, don't buy it, cause you won't be able to roll with it.

    In summary, yes, blunts are good...but I think its because you usually use more weed than a j. That's my opinion.
  7. DrDankster420

    DrDankster420 Registered

    yea blunts are the shit we had one with like 14 ppl with more than an 8th packed into it and it got everyone fucking stoned
  8. Cornhusker Stoner

    Cornhusker Stoner Registered

    i like to smoke blunts when i am in a car and hotbox the hell out of it. in my opinion blunts are not the best way to smoke, pipes get you fucked faster and without useing a lot of weed yet bongs it seems to take a little more weed (but it tastes the best!) and hits you just a little later then pipes.
  9. Redhair

    Redhair Registered

    smokin apples

    Blunts make me cough so bad, I can't enjoy my buzz, so I prefer joints over blunts. I love tokin' an apple. (Twist stem out, poke hole half down through where stem was, that's your bowl & half way through side for hit hole.) It's good when ya run out of papes, or tokin' some a little harsh, the apple helps to sweeten it. Best of all there's no paraphanalia afterwards...just a happy rabbit, deer or coon that finds it when ya toss it out the window!
  10. ganjamon

    ganjamon Registered+

    Bats are the best

    Hitters are the best. You don't waste any weed!
  11. Lifecrisis

    Lifecrisis Registered

    im more of a j and pipe person i alway looking to hide like a sneek-a-toke Js though make ur fingers smell like straight pot afterwards but blunts just makin smell good
  12. MRB041

    MRB041 Registered+

    Blunts are sweet but they do waste a lot of bud. Lots of fun to roll though. What kind of blunt wraps do you guys use? I buy Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tubes. Blueberry is my favorite flavor, followed by Jamaican Rum and Strawberry.
  13. mysterywhylay

    mysterywhylay Registered+

    Errrmmm, without showing my is a blunt? We smoke joints over here. They are made out of 3 Rizlas (rips...whatever) and measure roughly 6.5 inches in length. I smoke them on my own or with mates. End products usually the same lol.
  14. tokinsmoke

    tokinsmoke Registered+

    i like blunts better...
    get ya stoned as fuck and
    ur weed lasts longer than in papers...

    peace :cool:
  15. GBblazen

    GBblazen Registered

    WTF is a blunt you say? A blunt is A cigar filled with weed or cigar wrap filled with weed. peace
  16. LonerStoner

    LonerStoner Registered+

    chocolate bluntwraps are the bomb!
  17. The C

    The C Registered+

    I really love my pipe, so easy to fill and is soo smoothe, i love the depht or the different colours, it;s a glass one, and i bleieve it' coloru chanign,, not quick colour chaingin though. Whichc i really am begign to appreciate.

    Pipe rock, i rarely bother to roll anymore
    unless im trying to conserve what i have, wichc is actually quite often that i try to keep my weed,


    The C
  18. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    blunts and my pipe
  19. notanovice

    notanovice Registered+


    blunt use is basically a, hiding the smell of weed, thing
    true weed connisieur`s would never use cigar wraps
    it would ruin the true flavour of well grown weed
  20. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    when i throw in with my friends we just smoke it out of blunts and nuttin else

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