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  1. AladdinSane

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    a few questions for those of you still here:

    - I use RAW Cones for joints. The ashes stay packed, so I have to use something to knock them out of the way to light the J. Does this mean I am packing too tight? Or is this OK?

    - When done for the time being, do you leave the J smoldering, or tap it out?

    - any sites to meet others in my neighborhood for a sesh?

  2. Weezard

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    If you keep a large, metal, coin in an ashtray , you can de-ash with it and press the end to the coin for a puffin pause. Cones are OK, but not as efficient as a narrow cylinder. Learning to roll a proper joint will give more bhang for your buck. :)
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  3. AladdinSane

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    in regards to ashes, mine are staying packed. is this a good thing, meaning I am packing tight enough?
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  4. Weezard

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    If I understand the question, yes.

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