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    Hello, another new guy here. I would like to say thank you up front for all the great info every one has provided here. I have found almost all the info I could ever want here to start growing. The correct way at least. When I am able. I will post a picture of what I got by just planting one plant and not doing a little research first. I am sure you can all guess as to just how big this little monster turned out to be LOL Plans are to start one or two plants soon and grow them the right way. It looks like I may be able to post a picture now. If so. This guy is actually 3 mo. old I only added the lights about 3 weeks ago. I have now cut the plant down to prepare for the next ones.

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    Hope everything is going well
    Good luck
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    Thank you. I just started a grow the right way. What a difference it makes lol I have 3 plants that just hit 3 weeks old and all look great. Nice strong stems too. I am looking forward to learning more here.
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