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Discussion in 'Iowa (IA)' started by BennuKhepera, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. BennuKhepera

    BennuKhepera Registered

    Just got to the site, and Just moved to Iowa. I've been here for about 3 months and STILL can't find anybody to party with. Finally found these forums, and I'm hopin somebody nearby can help a smoker out!
  2. GoldenGraham84

    GoldenGraham84 Registered+

    welcome fellow statesman. can't help you acquire any. i do encourage you browse the boards and start a grow, though. p.s. mods don't likey the talk of "personal exchanges."
  3. BennuKhepera

    BennuKhepera Registered

    I am actually in the process of setting myself up a grow. Clearing an area....getting supplies...etc.

    Also, sorry if it seemed like i was attempting an exchange... I wouldn't want to piss the mods off. The lyrics to a favorite song of mine go: "I don't need a brain, don't need anything, I just need some homies to smoke with"

    I plan on sticking around the boards for a good long while (hopefully) and meeting some new people (hopefully).

    Thank you for the quick reply Graham!
  4. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    where abouts are you from, you don't have to be too specific!
  5. BennuKhepera

    BennuKhepera Registered

    I'm outside of Whiting..in western IA...about an hour from Council bluffs
  6. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    Bump! Make sure you email your representatives and support SF-293.
  7. BennuKhepera

    BennuKhepera Registered

    I sure will...but I don't know the e-mail
  8. Greenthing

    Greenthing Registered+

    Hello and welcome:stoned:

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