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Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by skigreen, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. skigreen

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    Hey to all. I just moved up from Cali to Bend Oregon and a bit stressed out and thinking I made a big mistake moving up here.
    I have been a California Medical User for the past few years, but now I am in Central Oregon a bit confused by the screwed up med. user laws here. Unlike in Cali, as far as I can see, there are no listed doctors or any p. clubs for making the necessary referral or purchase. I have been out on the streets all day today searching and searching without any luck (feeling like I am back in high school).
    Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction, give me some advice on the med. user system here, or just help out anyway they can would be appreciated more then words can say.
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    Hey im also fighting to figure out the whole medical marijuana system here in bend. Im trying for anxiety reasons so its very hard but what i had to do to even get started is talk to my primary care doctor and she referred me to some people i could talk to. Best of luck man maybe ill see you around.

    Blaze on!
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    Lucky you! May not be in Bend, but you are definitely in the best place in the world to get mmj! Please be patient, there are people here that can help you find the clinic's & your mmj! :Rasta:

    Surprise'd u didn't find the sites! Nice picture!:Rasta:
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  4. skigreen

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    Sure the westcoast is a great source for some of the worlds best, but after living overseas for many years in Amsterdam, Southern Africa and Thailand I do not agree that we are currently the "best" place to get. Our Government still screws it all up, especially the f***ng Feds and local cops – even though the people have spoken and voted for medical legalization.
    In Amsterdam it was really nice to go out my front door and head in any direction certain to run into a "coffee shop" within a block or two, always with a wide variety. In Africa you can literally go to any corner and get a fat sack of Durban poison or Malawi gold for a couple of dollars. And in Thailand I was picking up amazing 100 gram bricks of SE Asian buds for 50-75 dollars.
    With all that said, living in San Francisco was fine as I did have a med card and was set up with a delivery service.
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  6. skigreen

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    Thanks veggii, the links you provided were resourceful.
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    skigreen, yw dont forget to change your state flag .. :thumbsup:
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    Hey peacelovegreen,
    I have found these sites that say there are at times a clinic in Bend, but these are all old postings and do not know if they continue to offer this service here in Bend, but will continue to try to find the answers necessary.
    The Medical Cannabis Resource Center (MERCY) Clinics (Oregon) page
    ASA:Medical marijuana clinic in Bend - Sept. 27th
    The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Oregon Medical Marijuana Clinics, Portland, Oregon, Serving The Cannabis Community Since 1999, Medical Marijuana as treatment for chronic pain, chronic nausea, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, chron

    So what are you doing at present to get your meds? Do you have any contacts in Bend now?
    Send me a private message or IM me and maybe we can pull our resources together since we are both in Bend. I have again been out scouring the town, but without any luck.
    I am planning to make a trip down to SF in a couple days if I cannot figure out anything here as my condition is starting to cause problems and need my meds very soon.
  9. skithetrees

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    did you figure it out

    skigreen did you find help? Just wondering, I am in Bend and do not have a medical card. I use to smoke quite a bit. I am older now ( the big 4-0 in a few days!) and have been diagnosed as being bi-polar. I would like to see if pot can help. I am on three different very strong meds but am feeling completely in a state of a coma. I would like to find a discrete place or person to help me out? Could you give me any leads if you were able to locate some. Thanks
  10. iforgotmyname

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    I have known a few people that have used mj for BP the problem is that not all states and doctors agree on whether or not to use mj for those reasons. At any rate I may be able to point you in the right direction email: natural.healer4life.com :thumbsup:

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