Just moved to Cape Coral, need Mr. Green and 420 friendly friends

Discussion in 'Florida (FL)' started by Josh Dean, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Hey fellow tokers... I just moved to Cape Coral from Southern Indiana, unfortunately since my family isn't 420 friendly I cannot seem to locate anything here! All my connects back home do me no good here! But on the realest level I brought a 1/2 zip when I came down but that's been gone for a month now. I need someone who can supply me routinely with only GOOD bud no reggie pls... at a fair price... My wife is a hippie at heart, we do music festivals and have a lot of fun.. so if this is your sort of thing hit me up!

    Even if its not your jive, I need a routine supplier of green! I am loyal and will always be straight and fair with you as long as you do the same with me...

    Also, I lost a very important member of my family at 1:45pm yesterday so I'm extremely stressed out right now and need this more than ever...

    Hit 812
    me 989
    up 1566.. text me first thanks!
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