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    Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone could check out my setup and lett me know if you guys thing it will work or not... i have a 1000w mh setup going right now untill flowering then i will switch to 1000w hps... I have 4 plants at 5 weeks and one at 3 1/2 which is the (dinafem super silver)... the netting im using has 2 inch squares so i hope this should work... here are some pics....

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  2. CanGroIt

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    They are going to take a very long time to fill the netting if you leave the net where it is now.... You should lower it to plant top height so that they can grow through and you can begin the bend and tie process.... Your lamp looks a bit high as well.... If temps permit, try to get that bad boy at least 24" away from plant tops....like where you currently have your net....mas o menos....

    Just my :twocents:....

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    Well the as far as lowering the light, its as low as i can go to keep the temps around 78-82 degrees F... As far as the netting goes its only about a ft above the plants at the moment and i plan on letting them veg as long as possible maybe 3 weeks... does that not seem like enough time to do it... also does that seem like to many plants for that space to do a scrog??? the space is 2.5ftx 4.5ft
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    No, IMO, I don't think that is too many plants for that space.... With those plants in that space it will only speed up the time it takes to fill the screen with foliage.... Once the net is about 75% covered, flip to 12/12 and continue to tie and bend until stretching stops....and remove any bud sites below the net....

    Ever thought about creating a net for each plant??? Like get some bamboo sticks and use them to tie a net over each plant.... You can duct tape the sticks to the exterior of the containers then measure the square the sticks create, cut the net to fit and tie to the bamboo sticks.... This method would allow you to use the benefits of a screen and still be able to move your plants/rotate them as needed.... Maybe something to think about/try in the future....

    Also, if you have an A/C register in that restroom, you CAN lower the temps and be able to lower your light by simply extending that duct line....

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    'If I were you'
    -Since this is your first run with these strains in SCrog, Id limit that area to two plants. You dont know how they will stretch and react, So I would flower right when it hits the screen, and train during the first weeks of the stretch. This way, you're sure to not run outta room.
    -Try to go for 4" squares if you can. I tried 2" before, and by the time a top would grow thru and was long enough to be bent to the next hole, the square was too small to make the bend. (hope that makes sense)

    -Have one in the top right corner, and train it straight across to the left.
    -Have the other in the bottom left corner, and train it straight across to the right.

    1000w for veg and flower...these have potential to be monsters!
  6. CanGroIt

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    Are you seriously suggesting he do away with the other plants and only keep two??? That's just wrong....

    Scissors work really well for trimming and training.... If they look like they are getting out of hand, trim 'em.... Just do your best to limit the trimming to zero after day 21 of 12/12....

    Don't cut your plant count, that will just reduce your yield....

  7. SmokeMyPiece

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    When did I say that? I told him "Id limit that area" - Never said to cull...

    Besides, im addressing sickies420, and assessing his experience with SCrog.. By his thread so far, I wouldnt push him to max out a technique he hasnt tried yet.. all that bud so close can cause mold and also reduce yield.

    No need to be condescending CGI, Just lookin out.
    Keep it green Sickies!
  8. CanGroIt

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    Not trying to be condescending, you took it that way....

    I too am just trying to help.... And, "I'd limit the area to two plants", is what was said....

    Throwing words out there like "monsters" and "mold" isn't encouraging.... Mentioning preventative practices would be better, IMO.... Like suggest a 12" oscillating fan....and extension of A/C duct (if possible).... And exhaust, don't forget exhaust.... These last three mentions WILL prevent any chance of mold.... And as mentioned before, scissors work great for trimming dense foliage....hygrometer to measure humidity....dehumidifier to rid it maybe???

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  9. Sickies420

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    OK so i was wondering after the plant grows through the screen a few inches do i push the branch through the same whole and spread it to a further whole...... or do i let them grow through the screen a few inches and push the top down through the hole next to it... which would pretty much be weaving the brranch through the net...
  10. SmokeMyPiece

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    Yes, push it back through the same hole and on to the next, do not weave.

    What you're trying to do here is keep all main branches growing horizontally and underneath the screen. This forces the buds to grow up thru the screen, off of those main branches.

    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    or one could tie down branches as they grow through the screen using plastic covered twisty ties. moving the more nubile branches underneath the screen. strain dependent though. thick stalked indicas require more patience. bending their stems could break them. as sickie has a haze/mix there is the chance of a huge stretch, during the onset of flower so he shouldnt wait too much longer before flowering.
  12. Sickies420

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    ok so i let the shoots grow through the wholes a couple inches and for some i just pulled back through and moved to another whole but also on some of them i bent the shoot 90 degrees and tied it down to the top of the net i will get some pics as soon as the lights come on... But just making sure tying down to the top of the net is ok......
  13. SmokeMyPiece

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    Well this early, and still being in veg, the plant is still pretty flemsy. Especially the new couple of inches that is put on when growing thru the screen. I dont think you should have a problem getting them all underneath.

    Keeping your main branches under the screen will also keep your fan leaves at bay: thats is, keep them under the screen and allow the tops to get full exposure. You could tie them to the top, but I would think that's last resort if you cant get em underneath the screen. Regardless of the strain, most all strains put on a decent amount of stretch in the first weeks of flower.

    I will try to find you a pic of a true scrog.
  14. SmokeMyPiece

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    Here's a smaller one:

    This is a little bigger/cleaner example i could find:
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  15. Sickies420

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    Here are some pics of what ive done so far.... i also removed alot of the lower growth that wasnt really getting much light and trimmed up fan leaves that were getting in the way of new growth.... Here are the pics of the tying and trimming ive done so far.....

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  16. pushit

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    Looking nice and healthy.:thumbsup:

    Great job
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  17. SmokeMyPiece

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    So when do you plan on flowering? Id flip it pretty soon, that screen will fill up quickly with all them plants.
    However, Since you just cut the smaller branches, id wait a few days, or until you notice some new growth, to go 12/12.
    And dont cut anymore fan leaves, thats how the plant takes in energy. Just tuck and tie here and there.

    Remember, you want to spend the first weeks training the plants underneath, using its stretch to fill up the net. Only stop when you start noticing the pistils comin in bunches.
    Ive seen it before, people stop training too soon and let the branches grow up.. making it more of a giant lst that scrog. You want those branch tops to be the outermost colas on the screen.

    Lookin green Sickies!
  18. Sickies420

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    thanks for the post smoke do you think if i leave things the way they are now and flip it to flower things will turn out ok???? only thing holding me back is my 4 week old super silver from dinafem... im hoping to get a few more weeks veg and then flip to flower... other then that do u think everything will turn out ok if i flip to flower soon
  19. SmokeMyPiece

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    I think itl be kinda crowded if you waited 3 or 4 more weeks for the SSH to resemble the rest. That is, If you still plan to do a scrog.
    You could just raise the SSH to the screen and start its training. But i think you should flip no longer than a week or so from now.

    Otherwise, you could just continue to train along the net until the SSH catches up, then just let em go.. using the screen like a giant lst as I mentioned before.
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  20. Sickies420

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    well i actually transplanted the dinafem super silver into a 5 gallon bucket today and instead of putting it back underr the MH im just gonna veg it under my t8s that i have..... Atleast for a few weeks untill i get it to the size i want.... i actually might cut a square out right ndown the middle of the screen so that when i put it back in for flower i can just let it grow naturally..... by the time i put the Super silver in for flowering the bottom of the plant should be above the screen... thats what im hoping for..

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