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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by moleman, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Just moved into Ruidoso a while back and I have to keep quiet about my lifestyle and status to the people around me since word travels fast if the wrong person finds out. So are there any like minded people near me?
  2. stinkyattic

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    No doubt, but by your own logic they would also not stick their necks out of their burrows. I certainly hope this is not just a request for a connect...
    If you are a legitimate medical cardholder you should contact your state's NORML chapter for information on how you can be involved in that community.
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    No connects needed as I do have a card and grow. But while it is legal on the state level to do such, the federal government doesn't see it that way; And frankly I don't care to get sucked into a legal battle in my last years. But I guess I will have to contact norml, because this off form of isolation isn't going to do it for me. And just talking with people on the web is a bit hollow.
  4. stinkyattic

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    Well, why don't you come see what's up in the grow section? It's a lot more of a community. What are you growing now, and how well is it working on your ailment?
  5. Doobee

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    Ruidoso is a great little flux town.

    Population year 'round is what.....+/-15,000 and the summer time with tourist and multiple race tracks, world class live theaters the pop goes to a swell 100,000 plus.
    The yearly weather is quite nice and pretty much the same as here in Albuquerque.
    I was well into the plans of having a custom modular home of +/-1800 sqft built there in an Art Deco styled off level 2 story with a dug out garage.
    But alas my vacant three 1/2 acre lots in a cul-de-sac in nearby Rio Rancho was hindered by the corrupt city council.
    I was one of the more outspoken land owners in my area against eminent domain.
    That city council was stealing 1000s of acres to then pass on to developers.

    Long tale short fat Bill made law no more and so it went and the council went thru the back door and zoned on top of me then moved the arroyo flood line thru my land and no homes can now be built.
    Tried for a C2 zone change and they make the rules as they go and denied it.
    Went from a $490K sales contract signed to now in limbo for less than half that amount....if even that much.
    Soooo on I go broke trying to pay taxes so high just to keep my land so I can sell it and get some medical needs tended to and move on in my ornery life.

    Atleast you're MMJ with grow in a wonderful area rich in year round fun and a host of things to do and without the big city traffic and fuss.

    Just where I was hoping to be by this Christmas had the council not damaged my property out of retaliation.

    Still, I am blessed and God is more than meeting my needs shy of medicine.

    I have serious eye health and glaucoma has to stay normal however even as pressing health wise is my basal cell carcinoma.
    I have now a couple few more small places on my face that will have to be cut away and have skin drafts.
    If I can't swing my low and fixed income by selling some of my Art Deco lamps to get growing soon and atleast try and make a small batch of THC extract then I either move to California or Oregon on a worn shoe lace budget, forgo my eye surgeon here or go lay down on the op table again.....and again and...

    We all have our basket to carry huh.

    But life is wonderful and atleast I can still see after both eyes have been stitched and repaired and holding onto good health.

    Stinkyattic and good folks like her are right.
    Best to grow, but you already know this.

    I'm learning now so still in the curve.:(

    Ironic....paying the outlandish vacant property taxes is keeping me from a start to grow for now.
    Land rich money poor and not yet able to sell the land.

    I really don't care all that much for the circles life seems to place us in at the worst times possible.:thumbsup:
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    If you have a card you dont have to worry your neibors and fellow New Mexicans will fight for you. their has been little trouble for thoughs that are legal here. If you have your card dont worri, we got your back, we have fought a long time for you and if you are at the point where you have your card, then by all means grow, and stay with in the law, keep quiet, no selling to friends, even giving to frineds without cards is a bad idea. Dont advertise you smoke or that you have a card, and you will be fine, be carfull of where you grow. We have had a problem with landlords finding grow rooms and even though legal, the tenant is thrown out imediatley, and yes they can legaly do that here. No resone is needed and no time frame is needed, it is the same for jobs, you sign that in every application here, including the renters agreemant.

    We have fought long and hard for people like you so dont worry it just adds to the health problem. Stay in the legal means and you are fine, and gonna be high of your gord. Which is alot better than being sick, I hope you all the luck and hope your health is in good conditon.:pimp::pimp::pimp:
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    I realy hate that about Rio Rancho eveything is differant even the poilce are differant. I was gonna get a house over there but I didnt wana get into some dumb rio city backwash. they have no drainage and when it rains it is gonna eventualy cause sink holes or carey entire blocks into the Rio Grande. But their answer is a little drainage ditch, and some dikes, which for the location which is desert, that does not work. but they dont care, its like they are all in cahoots, the house makers, the insurance agents, then the city council, and the rest down the line, angers the crap out of me.
  8. moleman

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    How are the police different? Is it safe for a card holder to be holding up there? I only ask because I will be up there for a week next monday.
  9. MadSativa

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    The cops are just differant, once I got a ticket for going 2 miles over. It was before the noise ordiance thing but still, they could have said dont bump and I would have turned it down(I was on the main strip around intell). Its just odd, mabey cause Im used to the corrupte system of Burque, or they say its all sorted out now. I got beach front property in Arizona if you belive that. As far as med cards, I know a couple people that have their card and grow in the Rio area, and they seem fine, they have not had any trouble. They are very sick most of the time though, both have cancer, one has brain cancer, they have given him less than six months. Its sad cause he has 3 young girls and a wife, a new house and alot of med bills. His wife is draining all the money that she inherited, times are realy tough for them.
  10. Doobee

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    Rio Rancho has grow problems worse than I do.

    Well...i'm not even growing.

    The police in RR are a bit, well, a bit too energetic.

    Driving on any street and let your tire get on a lane line is an invitation to get pulled over.
    The odds of getting thru RR as DUI is very unlikely...especially in the troll hours late at night.
    None of this is a bad thang really, just don't mess up at the wheel.

    I haven't lived there since the 1980s and back then RR was tiny by comparision.

    The flood problem was one area one time during a 1000 year flood.

    Many newer streets in the residentual areas are dirt and many paved.

    Many of the residents prefer their dirt streets and each home sale has impact fees to aid in infatructure.

    How the cops feel about cannabis is likely not favorable.
  11. BlazeHaze

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    I live in Ruidoso Downs (bascally the same town) are you a cargiver. If so i just sent my apication in today so i should be approved soon.
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    I am in your area and I am discreet.........You can contact me here or at:

    coolslayer13(at) yahoo(dot) com
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    No,my doctor is in Alamogordo.

    If you need a doctor:

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    I'm closer to Tularosa/Ruidoso,but yeah,it is nice.
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    New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patients Group


    A group for patients. This group is for the purpose of the "Medical Cannabis Patient". "As patients we need to come together", how many times have we heard that before. Well now is the time, "don't talk about it be about it". Lets come together for our right as patients and for OUR program. Visit the group at Do something, Learn something, Share something, Change something - Meetup.com It doesn't matter what part of the state you are from, if you have your state issued card visit and join the group. Feel free to email me if you have any questions on how to get your card or if you already have your card and want more info on the group at Yahoo!

    One Love
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    NMMCPG is an awesome group......every legal NM MMJ cardholder should join!

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