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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by blizzam, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. blizzam

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    hey yall, just had to piss for a job in a heavyduty industry. stopped smoking 48 hours b4 my test,which was this morning, woke up at 7:30 pissed, drank the bottle, refilled it with water twice, than pissed two more times. took my test bout 10:00 and when i pissed it was like bright fucking neon green haha. but hopefully that means that i pissed out the mixture(which was bright green sour apple flavour). according to the store where i bought it they said the stuff is just sposed to mask the dope not get rid of it. so i hope it did its job by being there. anyway. ill post the results back later this week when i get them. wish me luck
  2. primoD

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    good luck.
    how much did you smoke prior to the test and how often?
    how muchd o you weigh?
    how tall are you?
    how much water did you drink in total before the test and how far befoer the test did you drink it?
  3. blizzam

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    um i smoke about 3 1/2 gs a day of good smoke on average. im around 220 and the day b4 i drank a little more than normal with some cran juice. day of i woke up at 7:30 pissed once, drank the bottle, refilled it twice, pissed twice, once 15 mins l8er n once again b4 i left for the test about n hour l8er. pissed roughly 2 1/2 to 3 hours after i drank it. ill post my results.
  4. ezwider

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    I have use xxtra clean 4 times before and I passed all the piss tests, however you only need to fill the bottle up once with water and drink that, dont drink alot of water with xxtra clean or you delute and fail or they make you retest, but I would use detoxify again if I started smoking again. oh yeh , dont get that little bottle of it, get the big bottle i dont know how many OZ it is, but this girl I know had a little bottle of it and I though it was funny
  5. blizzam

    blizzam Registered

    cool man thats great to hear it worked for someone else! i hate this waiting game.

    like i said when i pissed it was like bright neon green, the color of the sour apple xxtra clean. that means it was in there and should be doing its job right? i hope=P

    and i drank the big bottle for large body masses.

    you did pretty much the same thing as i did? n how much did you smoke prior + how long did you stop smoking prior? if you dont mind
  6. ezwider

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    the first time I used the stuff I stopped smoking 2 days before, but the last time it was like a week before, i dont know why you pissed green I never seen that before, I used the tropical flavor, when did you take the test, if you failed it they center you took the test at will call you and tell you, that you failed before they send the results to ur job, but if you dont hear anything thats a good thing. let me know what happens.
  7. blizzam

    blizzam Registered

    the reason it was bright green was cuz i drank the sour apple flavor, so my piss was like the color of drink lol. but yah ill let you know, thats what they told me too, the doc calls me first to tell me then i have to call the job if i fail
  8. primoD

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    yeah that was probably the vitamins and color of the drink that you peed out. it's a good sign b/c you know it went through your system and was working but it's probably the dilution that made you pass, from what others are saying. I took a test about 8 days ago for proby and still waiting on the results for that.

    are you sure that is the procedure? The doctor usually calls you to tell you if you failed and you never talk to the employer again, from what i understand. if you pass your employer ends up calling you. guess its different for every employer.

    post your results, please! most people just bail and never post their results. :Rasta:
  9. ezwider

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    yeh if the doctor calls you, you failed and he ll ask if your on any medication or smoked any reefer, this is when you say im smoking right now,. but the longer you wait the better it is, no more than a week though, but the doctor wont call if you passed, he ll just fax your results to ur employer, anyways thats how it happend with me, the green piss thing i dont know,. xxtra clean has vitamins in it to give your urine color so thats why if you drink too much water with it, it will be delute and you ll have to retest,, im suprised if they seen green pee they didnt wonder about that and think something is up,.
  10. blizzam

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    thats what she asked me. "do you take vitemeins or something??" im like yah, a bunch of em. haha
  11. blizzam

    blizzam Registered

    FAIL. motherfucker. WEU*PROFKL
  12. sexylibra

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    So does that reply mean that you failed??

    if you did i'm sorry to hear that..
  13. blizzam

    blizzam Registered

    yes thats a fail:((
    but i might still get the job, they said something about having to take councling and all this bullshit. but i doubt ill take it. fucking drug testing making you feel like a criminal cuz you smoked a little weed. str8 bullshit.
  14. Iguana

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    If you can't create your own game, oyu have to play the game. I'm not going to smoke again until I retire - a little over 4 years.
  15. tp82007

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    Well.. bullshit or not you still don't have a fair fight against it. Good luck man, did you have much notice before the test? I know the sticky says 24-48 hours, but still, should probably try to push longer next time if you can.

  16. leela1774

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    xxtra clean detoxify worked for me

    I'm not a heavy smoker. Maybe once a week for the last couple of months. Haven't smoked in ages before that. I weigh about 200lbs. I used xxtra clean detoxify tropical flavor for larger body mass and it worked for me. Granted it does not cleanse your body of toxins forever but it worked as it said it would. It gave me a window to test clean. I did not follow the instruction on the bottle. The head shop I got it from taped their own instructions on the box. They said you should be clean for at least 48 hours before the test for best results. Luckily I had smoked on a Saturday night and found out Monday afternoon that I had to take the test the next day. Start 90 minutes before test by drinking the bottle. I did so in about 15 minutes. Then wait 15 minutes and fill the bottle with water only once. If you drink too much water you will test diluted. Drink it and then wait 1 hour before taking the test. During the wait pee at least 3 times. Done. Clean for next 5 hours. I peed 4 times before the test and took it about 2 hours after I started the process. Another thing, I took an at home drug test using my second void. The test said I passed with a dark line in the THC window. I was freakin out after reading all these posts about how the drinks don't work and had a long, agonizing wait until I got the results. I tested at Labcorp and they sent the sample out for lab testing. It was not done on site. Hope this helps some of you to relieve some of the anxiety that comes along with the wait.
  17. Burnt Toast

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    All detox drinks work because of the water thats required to be drank with them.

    They are nothing but overpriced diluters in a bottle.

    All youre doing is diluting the THCA concentration in your bladder so the sample tests negative on the assay. This dilution factor is what serves as the "mask".

    The same thing can be accomplished for $$$ less by following the guidelines in the Dilution sticky thread.

    Dilution techniques of any kind are only a temporary thing. Once all of the fluids ingested had been urinated out, a dirty person will start testing postive once again.

    Bottom line? Detox potions are a big scam. Even more so when theres no instructions and/or they were attached on the bottle after the fact. :wtf:
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  18. tommyreed99

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    Detox Question

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question.

    I have to take a drug test in a couple weeks, just a pee test. By the time I take the test I will not have smoked for about a month - maybe a little less. Someone gave me detoxify xxtra clean herbal incase i needed it. What do you think? Also, could I take it a couple days before the test just to flush my system of the little remaining THC? Thank, any info or comment will be helpful!

  19. FakeBoobsRule

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    Tommy, your post count is one less because there is to be no email addresses in posts. Please read the forum rules available in the lounge and feedback sections.

    Next, instead of asking people to email you the answers you seek or having them hand fed to you like you are again asking, read and do some research on your own. You want to smoke weed, be responsible and do some learning. You will be better off than having someone do it for you because you will learn more. Then if you have specific questions, ask but take some personal responsibility.
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  20. tommyreed99

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    Sorry bud, didn't mean to strike the wrong cord with you. I was just hoping I could turn to a place where people might be able to help me out because they had gone through the same thing... I guess I was wrong. Sorry again.


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