Just went to Whistler,BC for ski trip

Discussion in 'Canada' started by lazy smoker7, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. lazy smoker7

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    well yea i just buying 8ths from time to time.. but i am pretty sure youll find an ounce if your looking for one but yet again not sure. Ive actually stopped smoking for awhile because my lungs and thraot just hurt me to fucking bad. I may not smoke for a month maybe due to this.. So yea i just been making firecrackers latley and i am staying with a group with alot of strait people and they caught me smoking bud out the bathroom window and i almost got kicked out of where i am staying. ( hey i couldent go outside to smoke its to fucking cold and last time i went out side for a quick smoke in my panajamas i almsot got frost bite and i was to dam sick... althought i smoked many times in the bathroom and i didnt nottice it was making the whole dam place stink like endo lol because i couldent smell shit due to having the flu) oh hey if your looking to buy a pipe or something theres a place that sells them in the marketplace i forgot the name alrdy lol :jointsmile:
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    hey man i just got back from whislter!! what a beautiful place.. the first day i was there i met a dude at one of the shops in the village and he hooked me up with a half o for 90 bucks, not bad at all considering i pay anywhere from 150-180 at home.. the buds were awesome and i bought an acrylic bong at a store called katmandu in the village.. then a couple days later i bought a quarter and that lasted the rest of the trip, i also smoke some amazing hash with this hippie i bouth the quarter from.. nice shit and i cant say enough about canada!!
  3. lazy smoker7

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    lol haha the people at katmandu know me real well.. well not real well but ive gone there and bought probally my 4th or 5th pack of papers from them a glass bowl, your talking about that the katmandu right next to the KFC right? I hate the KFC they have horrible munchies by the way.. its the worse KFC i ever gone to lol But the 7 eleven near katmandu is great when i got the mucnchies lol. I am glad you found some bud as easy as i do here. It literaly took me 5 mins to find some bud and to know how to get bud here when i first got here. Did u ski or snow board over there at 7th heaven? I think its just fucking beautiful over there and its just fucking awesome to light up a spliff sitting next to a tree on 7th heaven not near any one and just smoke and blow that smoke into the sun and looking at all the mountains.
  4. LSK420theVille

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    that is the katmandu i am talking about.. i never ate at the KFC but saw it plenty of times. i bought one of the bongs from the shop, it is about a foot tall at has a little bend in the tube.. maybe you saw it there? i will post a pic, anyway bud was extremely easy to find and everyone is so helpful. how much longer will you be there? i will be planning my trip for next year very soon, i am hoping to be there for new years eve!!
  5. lazy smoker7

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    i here for another few months haha!
  6. LSK420theVille

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    man you are lucky!! that place is heaven! well enjoy the rest of your trip, the bud and the snow!
  7. lazy smoker7

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    u got that pic?
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    HEY everyone!
    I was living in Whistler for a little while, currently I am back home in Ontario but flying back West asap! I still have many hook up's there but it seems you guys found bud on your own, its not hard everyone is so friendly and basically everyone tokes, but i am sure you noticed! I am so jelous of you both I am here in On-terrible, missing this perfect bording season! I heard someone got shot in the village! WTF is that all about!

    that pic is on top of Whistler!

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    I went to Whistler when I went to Canmore a few years back. Lovely area would definetly buy a house there if I won the lottery. Some friendly guys from a veggie retaurant smoked me up while I was there...good guys aaaaaah Canada!
  10. lazy smoker7

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    Yes some one was shot few weeks ago... I heard it was right across the street from a cop lol... also some other guy died on the mountain....
  11. PNWbudsmokah

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    Hey dude! do you still have your connection up in whistler?

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