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    Hey Last night I gave the ladies some water with 3 drops of Cactus Plus (1gal)and some baking soda to bring the PH up... Well when I woke up I noticed some type of deficiency. I wasnt to sure at first but then I started to read some FAQs and came to a conclusion that it might be a little of the 2. I have 2 pics that I will include.. This had to be because of the baking soda I'm assuming because I read
    "Potassium - Too much sodium (Na) displaces K, causing a K deficiency. Sources of high salinity are: baking soda (sodium bicarbonate "pH-up")"
    So I guess thats what I did gave it to much baking soda:mad: So I flushed the plants and gave made a foil spray with epsom salt, hopefully that will fix the problem cause it looks like a Mg deficiency as well I think it locked out the Mg that it needed:confused: Hope I'm right

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    Oh I forgot to say that thier in the 4.5th week of flowering.. By the way this morning I woke up and still nothing from the Flush or foil spray of epsom salt.:question: :sadcrying I dont know I hope thier suppose to look like that and I'm not going crazy:confused:
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    you're ok..... not BAD : )

    can I see a wider picture of the plant..
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    I just turned the lights on and looks a little worse on the big fan leaves:confused:
    I dont know really what to do I want some input please:( I already flushed them and used the epsom foil spray:confused:

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    buck if its anything its a mg deficiency i would flush them hard for a week and leech all that salt out

    If they look scorched and wilting, even when the soil is wet, it could be that their roots are suffering from salt injuries. If this happens, water the plants heavily to help flush out the salt, but make sure the water can drain freely
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    the way they are yellowing and spotting is a bit odd. But your plants really look good, and you BUDS look big strong and healthy.. the fan leaves normaly turn yellow at this stage of growth, just not usually spotted like that... your cool!!

    Not bad at all for 4.5 weeks...

    Scobbie's advice is SOLID... especially the DRAIN FREELY part..

    you definitely dont want to over water...

    : )
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    What is the ph of your soil? I severly doubt that this much damage has occured this fast fronm a mg def.

    With an mg def....I would expect more damage near the middle to bottom. Not so much at the top right away.

    Check your soil ph, and get back to us.

  8. BukDatAss

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    my PH is perfect its at the upper 6s??
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    I've been seeing that exact same problems on the upper leaves, except it's more severe.

    People are saying to flush them for a week. What's the best way to do that? Just put through 2-3x the container size in pure water once, or do it more than once?

    If the plants goes a whole week without any added nutrients (just flushing), won't that cause other problems?

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