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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by cleptoes, Sep 27, 2008.

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    First of all thanks for all this great info. I have decided to go with the sub method, have some QuickFix 4.2. One thing that worries me is some of the listing sites say Kaiser Permanente drug screens your blood and also one says it is observed. Now I know from here that they never are observed unless you give them cause.. Kaiser uses Labcorp. So any one with experience with Labcorp and also experience with Kaiser and what they do?? If someone says they are going to observe me can I leave and go to a different Labcorp? Still a little nervous and would love any more advice or thoughts any one can give me, as I have read through maybe hundreds of posts on the subject but still am nervous. Thanks.
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    Did you find other threads specifically about Kaiser? I would need any of that knowledge, if you care to share? Thanks Pr :jointsmile:
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    I found a couple threads pertaining to Kaiser. One said it was just a piss test however neither of the threads spoke about the process. While I was searching I found a thread that had a link to a website that lists all companies that drug test. That sight had two listings for Kaiser, 1 that said they collect urine and blood another that said it was observed (this is what concerns me).
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    Ok, so its just a piss test and only a 5-panel. Went today, suubbed and everything went well, will have the results later.

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