Kali Mist?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by sawleaf, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. sawleaf

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    Who here has ever smoked Kali Mist? What is it like? Not what you've heard, just actual experiences. I'm looking to cultivate a high sativa strain and I am thinking of this one, because it's from badass Serious Seeds!
  2. sensiskunk

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    Kali mist is an excellent choice, it has a great stone, and a good yield. Good luck man!
  3. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Thanks for the feedback. I will go with it after these White Widows are finished!
  4. Dr.Phil

    Dr.Phil Registered

    sawleaf...keep in mind that the current Serious kaliMist is a far cry from the sativa dom kaliMist they had prior to they year 2000. It is now afghani dom and finishes faster than the original kali they had. The picture on their website of the kali bud close up is from their older kalimist. Their current KaliMist2000 has different looking buds to that, more indica dom.

    I would suggest you consider Serious's best strain for scrog indoor and outdoor grows. It finishes quicker than their old and new kali and yields much more and is more potent than their kali. AK47 is the strain Serious seeds will be remembered by many years from now. It is the choice of many class of growers including beginners experianced indoor outdoor and commercial men.

    ...we'll take a break now and be right back with the results of our poll for who you think is the stronger gender...
  5. sawleaf

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    Thanks for the great answer Dr. Phil, but I hate the Oprah show!!! I've heard that about Kali Mist, thanks for clearing it up a bit. What is the difference in the high as compared with the old Kali? Sounds like they improved the plants grow, but I've hheard that the new strain does not compare to the old Kali Mist smokewise. ???
  6. Dr.Phil

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    ...not as soaring in the high, and not as cerebral either. It now has more body in it and can couchlock you after smoking a fair bit of it. It yields less than the original and finishes quicker. The original kali outdoors could take up to 115days to finish. Now it takes no more than 80 outdoors. It is no longer a true sativa dom strain irrespective to the fact that it is still promoted as such.

    If you want a bit of the old kali action, go for a good WesternWinds from a reputable dealer. It is basically the original KaliMist in f2 form.

    I hate oprah too.

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